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An Overview of The Calvert Homeschool Curriculum

written by: Finn Orfano • edited by: Deidra Alexander • updated: 8/2/2012

The Calvert School offers a homeschool curriculum that covers all grade levels from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Parents who homeschool their children using Calvert's curriculum program are able to combine core subjects with enrichment opportunities. Learn more about the Calvert program.

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    Many parents who teach their children at home use the Calvert homeschool program. Established in 1906, the Calvert School provides homeschooling families with complete grade-level curriculum packages as well as supplemental enrichment materials. The Calvert program extends to the eighth-grade level and covers the subjects of reading, writing, spelling, science, history, technology, math, and art.

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    Calvert Curriculum Grades Pre-K through 3

    A basic overview of the Calvert program for pre-kindergarten/early elementary homeschool students is as follows.

    Pre-kindergarten: At the pre-kindergarten level, Calvert homeschoolers use manipulatives and work on activities that promote reading and math readiness. Children learn the numbers 1 through 10.

    Kindergarten: Calvert's kindergarten curriculum involves colorful phonics books, introductory technology lessons, handwriting exercises, and studies of shapes and the numbers 1 through 31.

    Grade 1: First-grade Calvert students focus on learning to read and write independently, increasing their technology skills, adding and subtracting, and learning basic science and social studies facts.

    Grade 2: The Calvert second-grade curriculum allows homeschoolers to develop skills in reading comprehension, writing sentences and stories, and applied math (counting money, telling time). Earth science and geography topics are explored.

    Grade 3: Calvert homeschoolers in the third grade read Smiling Hill Farm, practice composition, study multiplication and division, and begin studying art history and ancient mythology.

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    Calvert Curriculum Grades 4 through 8

    Calvert students working at the upper elementary/middle school levels follow the curriculum guidelines listed below.

    Grade 4: The Calvert fourth-grade curriculum provides students with opportunities to write original compositions, study classic literature, learn fractions and statistics, and read A Child's History of the World.

    Grade 5: Homeschooled students in the fifth grade begin writing essays and reports, solving three-digit multiplication problems, studying plants, climates, and weather, and reading The Sign of the Beaver and Sing Down The Moon. Hands-on art is introduced.

    Grade 6: In the sixth grade, Calvert homeschoolers learn sentence diagramming, study world history, solve equations, perform Web searches, and read classic works by Hughes, Frost, and Dickinson.

    Grade 7: Seventh-grade Calvert students continue to hone their grammar skills, write descriptive pieces, begin learning pre-algebra concepts, design art structures, study maps, and explore physical sciences.

    Grade 8: The final Calvert grade level for homeschoolers, eighth grade, covers units on American history, narrative poetry, basic algebra, desktop publishing, cell structure and genetics, reading comprehension, and learning strategies.

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    Calvert Enrichment Courses

    In addition to offering packaged grade-level courses, Calvert provides homeschooled students with the following enrichment opportunities.

    "Discoveries" courses: The "Discoveries" enrichment courses consist of books, DVDs, and other supplemental materials designed to enhance the core homeschool education. Parents can order Calvert Discoveries courses in Early Reading, Reading, Art, Music, and Science.

    Foreign Language courses: Calvert offers foreign language courses in Spanish and French for students in grades 5-8 and Latin for students in grades 6-8.

    Other enrichment courses help Calvert homeschoolers to expand their knowledge of Mathematics, History, Writing and Grammar, and Literature.

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    The Calvert homeschool curriculum is user-friendly for both parents and students and contains all of the elements needed for a well-rounded education with no gaps in learning. Parents who use an organized homeschool schedule when educating their children can benefit from the Calvert Lesson Manuals, which consist of easy-to-follow daily lesson plans.

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