Consumer Reviews Aha! Math: A Fun Way to Perfect Math Skills

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Overview of Aha! Math Online Curriculum

Aha! Math is a supplemental math program for grades K-5 by This math curriculum helps students to form strong foundations in mathematical principles. The program aligns to state standards as well as to those set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

This program is used by many online schools as well as traditional schools to supplement math curriculum. Aha! Math fits well with math curriculums from Calvert, Saxon, and Everyday Math.

NCTM Curriculum Focal Points and State Standards (5 out of 5)

In this area Aha! Math meets or exceeds its claims. The program presents math concepts such as numbers and operations, geometry, measurements, data analysis and probability, and algebra in a format that is easy for students to understand. Each grade level aligns with many state standards and the Curriculum Focal Points set by the NCTM. Games are self explanatory and engaging. It makes practicing math skills fun. I personally use Aha! Math for my 3rd grade student. It keeps him interested and it is an easy way to present new concepts and reinforce those already covered.

Accessibility of the Math Software (5 out of 5)

Aha! Math is an online program. Once a subscription is purchased, students create a login ID. This allows students to access Aha! Math from home as well as in school. Practicing math skills is important to mastery. Aha! Math allows students to practice anywhere they have a computer with internet access. Teachers can keep track of the student’s progress with the teacher’s tools. The white board edition can be used on projection equipment to further enhance the learning experience.

Applications for Aha! Math (5 out of 5)

Although not a complete math curriculum in itself, Aha! Math provides the K-5 teacher with a powerful tool to help all students. With Aha! Math, students who require additional practice and reinforcement of concepts are able to go online and “play games” that will help build the skills they need. Work at home can be assigned or they can use class time. All of the concepts are put forth in an easy to understand manner. Children can click on help buttons for more instruction and demonstration.

Students who are ready to proceed to more challenging concepts can use Aha! Math at home or in the classroom to advance without feeling bored. Gifted students can move ahead without waiting for others in the classroom to catch up. This online math program allows the teacher to focus their attention on the students that require the most attention. Other students can use a computer with internet access to move ahead or they can reinforce concepts through games.

Cost (4 out of 5)

There are several ways to purchase Aha! Math. Basic subscriptions for a single teacher and 10 students is $120.00 for the year. Additional students can be purchased or there is a white board subscription that allows for an entire building to subscribe. Overall the cost is affordable for what the program offers although it may become expensive for larger school distrcits. will work with school systems to develop a solution that they can afford.


I would recommend Aha! Math for the classroom as well as for the homeschool environment. A discount to the yearly subscription for home schools can be found through The Homeschool Buyers Co-op. This math program is an important tool for teachers to have. It enables them to supplement any current math curriculum and it allows for struggling students to get extra practice at home.