Sonlight History Curriculum Review for Homeschoolers

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Literature-Based History (4 out of 5)

Sonlight provides Christian, literature-based homeschool curriculum for preschool through twelfth grade students. A wide variety of subjects are available through this publisher, but history is the foundation of each year’s curriculum. For instance, in first grade, the student will study Ancient history. There are read-aloud and literature books all focused on the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The geography of these areas is studied. In language arts, the student may be asked to copy passages from the history books he has read.

While the history module of this curriculum can be purchased and used alone, it is designed to be used with the literature module, and it may seem dry without it. I would highly recommend you obtain the literature portion if at all possible.


There are many reasons to love the Sonlight curriculum. The publishers offer an eighteen month trial period with a money-back guarantee. The instructor’s manuals are well organized and easy to follow. You can choose a program that schedules four days per week or five days per week. They offer literature programs with various levels of difficulty for each grade level. But the best thing about this curriculum is the huge number of books that are included.

This is the ultimate curriculum for children who love to read. The books really make the history come alive, and they are chosen for their ability to make children think and develop positive values. You will read books aloud with your children every day and discuss the things you learn. This is a curriculum that will help you impart your values to your child and become closer through this experience.


Some people feel that this curriculum is a little too intense because it does require several hours of reading per day. It seems to work best for advanced children who love to read. It has virtually no hands-on activities, so you will need to add these if they are important to you. Be advised that there are books in this program that may upset your child because they portray the reality of life at its worst sometimes. There are warnings in the instructor’s manual about these passages, so that you can be prepared to discuss these parts with your child or to skip that assignment altogether.

The price for this curriculum is higher than many will be comfortable with, but it is a good value considering all the books and materials that are included. Many families have economized by buying used books or using their public library to provide most of the books.

A Great Option for Booklovers

Sonlight is a great option for some families. If you would like to give your child access to a great library of books, impart a Christian worldview and expose him to lots of new ideas and experiences through some of the best children’s books around, then the Sonlight curriculum may be a good fit for your homeschool.