Shaping Hearts for God Bible Curriculum

The Beginning of Shaping Hearts for God

Shaping Hearts for God Bible curriculum was started by a small church and its members. David Holder, Mary Andrews, and Patricia Underwood, three experienced teachers, were the main writers on the project that began in 1997. Susan Holder became involved in the project as a consultant, and in 2005, the Holders began Shaping Hearts for God Curriculum. They started publishing that same year. Each member of the team at Shaping Hearts is an experienced teacher. They continue to have a deep devotion to their faith and the field of education.

What Is Shaping Hearts for God

The Shaping Hearts for God homeschool curriculum is a Bible-based curriculum for children ages 2 years through 6th grade. The curriculum encompasses twelve series. These series span three years. Each of the series is a thirteen-week study. The curriculum includes teacher's lesson guides, teaching resources notebook, 2s and 3s Class in a Box, and student workbooks at 4 levels. The team of teachers is currently working on expanding their curriculum offerings. They are writing and creating for more ages. However, some of the material can be used for older children. It truly depends on the level at which children are learning.

The Pros

There are many positives to this curriculum. Remembering that the curriculum is written by teachers, it should come as no surprise that it is student friendly and age appropriate. The vocabulary is age appropriate, and the text size is bigger than average, which is easier for a younger child to understand. There are questions near the related text. This allows for the child to be highly engaged in the text. The graphics are rich, vibrant, and immensely engaging. There are distinct sections that state Bible facts clearly and interestingly. There are questions asked directly from the Bible. The older children have self-evaluation questions. This allows for more student involvement, student-led learning, and students tend to retain more when they are allowed to participate. Activity books, full-color maps, teacher aids, and activity (games) books to learn through play are included. This curriculum is packed full of information and is visually stimulating.

The Cons

The curriculum is constructed like no other curriculum. It can take an average person some time to get use to it. It is a three-year course which is highly regimented. The curriculum is known for being intensive. This means a timid child might not do well. Since the curriculum is so vigorous and constructed to follow a strict timeline, there isn't much room for unscripted dialogue on what was read. The main bone of contention for most people is the lack of flexibility. They feel as if their children have been enrolled in a college course. While there are activities, most parents wanted more hands on learning.

The Cost

Shaping Hearts for God Bible curriculum is extremely affordable. There are several options that one can choose. There is a sample series that can be purchased from the Shaping Hearts for God for $150. It can be reviewed for 30 days and if not satisfied, sent back. They do not charge for shipping the product back. If the curriculum is enjoyable, then the parent would just pay the invoice that was included. There are Class in a Box Kits that have a cost of $39.99. Each kit covers six months worth of education. Books can also be purchased individually. They are favorably priced. The best place to buy Shaping Hearts for God is their very own website. It provides a wealth of information. Some products can also be found on independent websites. There are a few brick and mortar stores that sell the products.


Shaping Hearts for God Bible Curriculum is particularly intensive. A child could easily get lost and fall behind. However, if the children who are being taught are mature enough, this curriculum is a brilliant choice. The products are of the highest quality. Everything is written and produced by experienced teachers who have a passionate love of their faith. The colorful maps and visual aids help to entertain. If the curriculum does not work for the family, it is so affordable that it isn't an enormous risk to take. The curriculum is extremely detailed, and children must pay attention if they want to succeed. However, if everyone involved can commit to the study program and techniques, the wealth of knowledge gained at the end of the three year Bible study will be substantial.


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