Guided Reading Online for Homeschool Helps Your Child Become a Successful Reader

What is Guided Reading?

Guided reading involves a small group of children (no more than five) in reading, discussing, thinking, and learning comprehensive strategies. This is accomplished by reading leveled reading material together with a educator. Guided reading focuses more on each individual child's progress. The child will read independently with the group, silently, and later with a partner. Guided reading online for homeschool can be very beneficial. If you have only one child that you are homeschooling, that is fine. Guided reading is mainly a method used to provide one on one instruction focusing on the child's strengths and weaknesses. This can be done using online materials.

Guided Reading Goals

The entire purpose of guided reading is that the student will be able to read a written text and comprehend what they are reading with 90% accuracy. Comprehension is extremely important. When a child accomplishes this they are confident with their reading and will learn to love to read. If a child cannot understand what they are reading it is seemingly useless to them. If a child understands what they are reading they will want to read more. They will eventually love to read and this will help them with nearly all of their academic achievements in the future.

Steps The Educator Must to Take to Make Online Guided Reading Successful

It is extremely important for the educator to choose the correct level of online reading material to use with your students. Leveled books range from Level A-E. With A being the easiest and E the most complex. If the emergent reader is to difficult for the child they will become easily frustrated and learn to dislike reading. When choosing an online site, make sure the level of reading material presented is correct for each child. After the book is chosen the teacher needs to read the title and have the children make predictions on what they think the story is about. Look through the book before reading. Begin by reading the book together. The teacher should read the book aloud while the students are following along making sure they are using their finger to point to each word being read. If you’re using a reading program online, for more than one child, each child will have to take turns pointing to the words on the screen. Next the children will take turns reading the material while the other students are following along. During reader the teacher will help the child decode words that may be difficult. Give the child a chance to decode the word themselves first. After reading the story discuss what happened. Ask questions to evaluate comprehension. A follow-up should contain reading comprehension, phonics, writing, decoding, and grammar worksheets. The reading material should be used for approximately one week. Repetition is necessary.

Online Guided Reading Materials for Homeschoolers

Parents can use several different online guided reading homeschool materials to assist them. Many sites offer leveled reading books some which can be printed out, free comprehension and decoding worksheets to name a few. A free site that I recommend is They provide the leveled emergent reader. The parent should still incorporate all the steps listed above to ensure a successful reading experience. When all this is completed, there are worksheets that go directly with the story that was read, which can be printed out. Other free sites include, and There are several other sites on the internet but some require a monthly payment. These include, and Guided reading online for homeschool children should be used as a tool in addition to printed emergent readers. Many of these sites offer the opportunity to print the emergent readers in addition to the printable worksheets. If all these steps are taken home school parents can be assured that their children will grow up having a lifelong love of reading.

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