Build Your Own Caslte at Home: Ideas Using Household Materials

Building your own castle is only limited by your imagination and the materials you have on hand or can get a hold of. Depending on the material you use the scale of your castle can be larger or smaller.

Start by finding a few castle pictures online or in your local library. Look at the basics that you want to recreate like the main part of the castle, turrets, and drawbridge. Once you have a few ideas sketch a picture of the castle you want to build.

Paper Castles

If all you have is construction paper don’t worry, you can still create an amazing two-dimensional castle just make sure you put as much imagination and creativity into it as possible. start by cutting out the outline from your sketch. You can make it from a solid piece of paper or be more creative by using individual pieces to form the main building, windows, turrets, and drawbridge. As you’re attaching the individual pieces use folded pieces of paper in between the pieces to help add some depth. Consider adding rectangles in a contrasting color to create the texture of the bricks. Add colored flags at the top using colorful triangles of paper. You may not have a lot of fancy materials but your teacher will see the effort you put into your castle.

Cardboard or Poster Board Castles

If you have cardboard or poster board you can make a three-dimensional model. You can use a pre-existing box to form the main building or you can use four pieces of cardboard to create a box shape. Once you have the cube create cylinders using poster board and attach to the main building as turrets. Using more poster board, construction paper, cardboard, and any other materials you have on hand add windows, a drawbridge, flags, and any other details you can. Also since your model is three-dimensional you can create rooms like the throne room, the banquet hall, and bedrooms. If you want to get super creative and make cardboard furniture or use doll furniture you may have on hand.

Castles Made From Modeling Clay Or Another 3D Material

Using clay, Legos (or other building blocks), or even found objects can help you in creating your three-dimensional castle. An empty box paired with two empty oatmeal containers will make the perfect foundation for your castle. By covering them in grey construction paper you will have the perfect start for your school project of building a castle. The cylinder shape of the oatmeal containers makes nice turrets. Add windows, flags, and contrasting construction paper to make bricks on the outside of your castle. Be creative with your material choices and add as many details as you can.

Hopefully if you find yourself with a school project that involves building castles these tips will help. Don’t be afraid to use whatever materials you may have on hand and all the imagination you can muster. The great part about a project like this is that you can put as much or as little into as you want. Just remember to have fun.