Four Great Techniques For Writing an Amazing Creative Writing Essay in High School

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Creative writing is one of the hardest aspects of learning in a high school setting, since most of the students here are making the transition from using their imaginations to thinking about tangible and specific ideas.

A popular saying is that art mimics life and many stories and movies with particularly interesting topics and storylines are things that happen every day to normal people. What you can do is to simply take one of these plotlines and use it as the backbone to your creative writing essay, then add your own particular ideas and twists to the story making it original. Particularly effective topics are storylines such as lost love, adventures of interesting people (such as knights and kings) or travel to exotic places.

2. Write About Your Own Life

Many high school students lead particularly interesting lives and an amazing occurrence, or a particularly interesting part of your life can be the plot of an amazing creative writing essay. A night spent partying that got you into trouble with your parents, a family trip to Disney world or a medical procedure that you had done are all wonderful plots that you can use for your creative writing essay. This can be modified using bits of your imagination to create an absolutely wonderful and intriguing story that will surely yield an A for your next creative writing assignment.

3. Look Into Your Mind

Many high school students have vivid imaginations but because they rarely use this limitless resource, it lays dormant. Look into your mind for ideas that will yield an interesting and imaginative creative writing essay. What are you hopes and dreams? What are your fears? What would happen if you woke up in a room filled with spiders? How would you feel if you came home and your house was on fire? These scenarios can be used to great effect in the construction of a particularly intriguing creative writing essay.

4. Use Current Affairs

There is a wealth of information for you to use in the construction of your next creative writing essay all around you, in the news. Interesting events happen all the time and are showcased on the news. The use of a news story as inspiration for creative writing is a tool that has been used by writers for many years and you can also use this vast resource to get an excellent grade on your next creative writing assignment.

Change the main characters of the story, do a little tweaking of the story and watch your imagination go to work. Imagine a 12 year old girl imprisoned for murder, imagine the consequences of her actions, the media outrage, her victim, the family of the victim, the family of the girl, view the story from all the possible viewpoints. You will realize that one simple news story can be a seed to yield fantastic storylines for literally thousands of creative writing essays.

Writing an amazing creative writing essay is easier than you might think, by using inspiration that exists all around you, an excellent grade is just a thought away.