A Collection of Resources to Improve Your Writing Skills: From Word Choice to Paragraph Structure to Mechanics

A Collection of Resources to Improve Your Writing Skills: From Word Choice to Paragraph Structure to Mechanics
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Every person thinks he or she has a good sense of humor. If that were the case, everyone would be funny. Everyone also thinks they

write well. That’s not the case either. Although not everyone is capable of having a good sense of humor, everyone is capable of enhancing their writing. This compilation of articles–with a bit of diligence–will have you tweaking your writing skills in no time. Categories include suggestions for improving word choice, tips for making your sentences more effective and clear, mastering writing mechanics, a guide for paragraphs and general writing tips, and poetry writing helps.


If you entered a cake baking contest with a hefty cash prize to the winner, you’d be sure to buy the best ingredients. You need to do the same for writing. Just like a master chef would never use stale ingredients, a master writer would never use stale words. There are over 10,000 words in the English language, but you only get to use one at a time. It better be a good one.

Not sure which word to use? This list of resources provides tips and strategies for using the best word. With a bit of practice, choosing the best word will become natural.


Too often brilliant ideas are presented incoherently in muddled up sentences. Those who understand and can use basic sentence structures effectively write more clearly than those who don’t. Being able to combine sentences, eliminate fragments and run-ons, use dependent and independent clauses, and vary sentence lengths and types helps the writer make his or her point clearly and emphatically.


Granted, learning writing mechanics and conventions is about as much fun as… learning writing mechanics and conventions. Before you scoff at their importance, remember that a misplaced comma, incorrect spelling, or a dangling participle will ruin your credibility, no matter how intelligent your thoughts and ideas are. In addition, the effective use of writing conventions provides an additional method of making your writing say what you want it to say.

Paragraphs and General Tips

Choosing words well and putting them together properly in sentences is a necessary skill for skilled writers. Putting those sentences into well constructed paragraphs is the next step. In this section, gather some tips on writing paragraphs along with general writing tips that will help you put everything together.

Writing Poems

Poetry appeals to writers of all levels. Just because you enjoy writing poetry, however, doesn’t mean you’re good at it. Along with heartfelt pennings, there needs to be solid technique and a knowledge of poetic conventions. So before you write the next poem, check out these tips for writing better poetry.

You Can Write Better!

Whether you want to become the next J.K. Rowling or simply need to communicate more clearly to your coworkers and friends, these writing tips will help you accomplish your goals. Keep in mind that writers write and no matter how much knowledge you acquire, you’ll never improve without putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard.