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Good writing skills are an essential part of your school studies, from elementary grades, to high school, into college and beyond. Because written communication is such a crucial skill, it will be a continuing course of study in each grade, from your first day of school until your last.

You’ll find this section of Bright Hub Education’s homework help area critical to helping you with paragraph, essay and writing assignments. You’ll learn how to organize your thoughts, think critically, write strong introductions and conclusions, develop a theme statement and more. All the writing help compiled here is written and edited by English and Language Arts teachers, college English graduates, journalists and professional freelance writers. The homework help offered ranges from early elementary years through Regents-level high school and college preparation.

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  • Slam Poetry and Spoken Word
    Wondering what spoken word or slam poetry is? A practiced poet paints a vivid image of what slam poetry writing, rehearsing and competitions are all about.
  • How to Write a Ghazal
    The ghazal (pronounced like guzzle) is a traditional Arabian verse form with the first two lines ending in the same refrain, which is then repeated at the end of each stanza. Learn how to write this fun, but challenging poetic form.
  • How to Write Great Dialogue
    Authentic-sounding dialogue can be the difference between a good story and a great one. Simulating true human speech is a challenge. The way we write, the way we think we talk and what we actually say are three different things. Practice and experience will make you a strong writer of dialogue.
  • 5 Steps for Writing a Mystery
    Mysteries are addictive. Pick up a good one and you won't put it down until you're done. Then you'll want to read more from that author and about those characters. Learn to write your own addictive mystery story by following these five steps.
  • How to Write a Villanelle
    The villanelle is a nineteen line poem with a strict pattern of repetition. This form of poetry can be a great way to explore a repeated thought or feeling. Read on for examples and directions on how to write one of your own.
  • 10 Ways to Write More This Summer
    No more homework. No more books. No more teacher's dirty looks. But let's not have our brains get too soft. Keep up writing over the summer with these tips.
  • How to Write an Elegy
    The modern elegy is a poem written to commemorate the life and death of a special person. The subject may be very close to you or be a person you admired from afar. In a broader sense, an elegy can be any reflective piece of verse with a lamenting tone.
  • How to Write a Shape Poem
    A shape poem, also known as a concrete poem, is a poem that uses the arrangement of the words on the page as a tool. Simply put, the poem makes a shape.
  • How to Write a Ballad
    A ballad is a traditional form of long, narrative poetry, sometimes set to music. Whether writing one for a school assignment, or just for fun, ballads can be great way to tell a story or honor an event in a memorable way.
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