Where is the Mouth of the Nile River located and Other Facts

The Mouth of the Nile

What is a mouth of a river? Where is the mouth of the Nile River located?

The mouth of a river is where the river ends into a body of a water such as a sea, ocean, or lake. The river water flows into this other body of water at its mouth. Often at the mouth, a delta forms. A delta is a landform that forms at the mouth of a river because the river carries sediment along with the water as the river flows through its banks. The river water deposits this sediment together when it flows into the larger body of water and forms land. A delta is often shaped like a triangle.

For the Nile River in Egypt, this river ends in the Mediterranean Sea, and there is a delta located there. So, the Nile River’s mouth is at the Mediterranean Sea. This is on the border of Egypt. The delta is located near Cairo, Egypt (the capital city of Egypt). The Nile Delta is approximately 240 km wide and 160 km long. It is one of the world’s larget deltas. People actually live on the Nile Delta, with its largest city being Alexandria with a population of almost four million people.

Other Nile River facts

Once you know where is the mouth of the Nile River located, you can learn some other fun facts about this important African river. If the mouth, or end, of the river is in Egypt at the Mediterranean Sea, then where is the source, or the beginning, of the Nile River? The source of the Nile River is often debated. Many people believe it to be a lake in Uganda and Tanzania, Lake Victoria, but Lake Victoria has several tributaries flowing into it. One of these is the large Kagera River and its tributary the Ruvubu. Geographers now consider this river and its tributary as the true source, or beginning, of the Nile River.This source is located in the country of Burundi, which is in central Africa.

So how long is the Nile River? What countries does it flow through?

The Nile River is approximately 4,160 miles in length. Although many people think about Egypt when the Nile River is mentioned, only about 1/5 of the river is actually in this country. The Nile River also flows north through these African countries: Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi, and finally Egypt.

The Nile River has two main tributaries, which are branches of the river. These are the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The White Nile begins at Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile begins at Lake Tana in Ethopia. Both of these branches meet together in the Nile River in Sudan.

It’s important to know where is the mouth of the Nile River located as well as other facts about the Nile and rivers.