Use a Modeling Competition Activity to Teach the Importance of Learning to Speak French

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A Modeling Competition

Your students can wear simple disguise to have a fun French lesson, while studying the various countries and islands where French is spoken. This will help them to understand the importance of learning to speak French; that it is one of the working languages of most international conferences.

They do not need to wear anything elaborate or costly. Here are some ideas for them to dress simply and depict the country or island they are representing. A student from Polynesia (la Polynésie) can wear a simple garland of flowers around his head, while a student form Central Africa (l’Afrique Centrale) can wear a simple summer dress .A student representing Morocco (le Maroc) can wear a head scarf and a long dress with full sleeves. A student representing Belgium (la Belgique) can dress in a full skirted dress with an apron, a bonnet on her head and a basket in her hand; while a student representing Brittany can wear a peasant costume like a simple patterned long dress with an apron, and bonnet on her head.

Female students representing Martinique and Guadeloupe can wear a nice white blouse with a colored plaid scarf around the waist or shoulders and a colored plaid skirt as well as a small plaid scarf on the head.

Each student will wear a sash over her clothing representing the island or country she is representing. Imitate a modeling competition. Have some students act as judges, and the others as the audience. The judges will include boys who can also dress representing different countries. The teacher or another student will introduce them in French stating which country they are from, and what is their profession. Have the students parade before the audience and judges in national dress, pause and introduce them and say a few words about themselves and their country. They can also change their names and use French names. For example, a student representing Senegal can wear a kaftan type dress and say “Bonjour. Je m’appelle Adrienne. Je suis de Dakar Sénégal, en Afrique de l’ouest. J’aime nager, la danse et la musique”.

A student representing Martinique (la Martinique) can say “Je m’appelle Virginie. Je suis de la Martinique dans les Caraïbes. Jaime danser, voyager, et la plage." A student can represent Mauritius by wearing a simple tropical dress, and say « Je m’appelle Chantal. Je suis de l’ile Maurice. J’aime parler anglais, j’aime aussi lire, et faire les promenades sur la plage."

An International Conference

This game can be varied in the form of an international conference instead of a modeling show, so the boys can participate as part of the delegation. The students are free to compose short simple sentences and receive guidance from the teacher if necessary. This exercise will lead them to do some research about the countries where French is spoken, and learn a lot of new vocabulary. Amusez-vous bien.