Building ESL Grammar Lesson Plans: Learn How to Improve Your Presentation and Interact With Students

Building ESL Grammar Lesson Plans: Learn How to Improve Your Presentation and Interact With Students
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What Is Your Topic?

Let’s say your topic is about some tourists visiting a town. Your ESL lesson can follow either one of these plans:

You can prepare a

lesson to give students the skills to ask questions in a Tourism Office, or to enter a hotel and book a room. If you plan to teach the interaction of the Present Tense and the Present Progressive Tense of the verb “to be.” you can incorporate it here.

You can also use the opportunity to teach the use of the conditional mood of the verb “to want.”

Presentation of the Lesson

Here is an example of how you can present your lesson: Try dialogues with your students in the form of role-play. First present your lesson. You can say “Good morning students, today we are going to talk about how to ask for various facilities. For example we can use a hotel or a building like a museum or a Tourism Information Center. Let’s work with a Tourism Office. Imagine that you and your friends are on vacation. You are visiting a town that you are not familiar with. You see a Tourism office, and you decide that this is an ideal place to get information and advice. You enter and ask some questions. I am going to pass out these sheets with some dialogues you can use for conversation. We will discuss them as a class and then do some role-play. I want you to particularly observe how we use the Present and Present Progressive form of the verb ‘to be’ and the conditional of the verb ‘to want.'"

In your explanation, use short, simple sentences so your students can understand. Try to use visual aids where possible. In this case, you can draw a picture of a tourist office on the board, and some characters to represent tourists and a receptionist. If you are doing a hotel dialogue, do the same with a picture of a hotel and guests interacting with the receptionist at the front desk.


Here are some sentences you can use in your Tourism Office dialogue:

Receptionist: Good morning Sir, how can I help you?

1st Tourist: Good morning. I would like a room for two, for one night in a 3 star hotel. Are there any with a view of the sea?

Receptionist: Sure. Here is a list of 3 star hotels. There are some with a view of the sea.

2nd Tourist: Good morning.

Receptionist: Good morning, Miss. May I help you?

2nd Tourist: I am looking for a hotel that accepts animals. I have a small dog.

Receptionist: Of course there are. There is one very close by. It is on this street, about 100 feet from here.

2nd Tourist: Thank you very much. I am so happy it is not far away.

Receptionist: It’s a pleasure, madam. You are welcome.

Here are some sentences that you can use in your hotel dialogue:

Front Desk: Welcome to the High Rise Hotel.Can I help you?

1st Tourist: Yes, please. What is the rate for an extra bed?

Front Desk: The rate is $10.00 a night for an extra bed, Madam.

2nd Tourist: Good morning Sir. What time is breakfast?

Front Desk: Breakfast is served from 6:00a.m to 10:a.m., Miss.

2nd Tourist: Thank you. I would like to have my breakfast served in my room please.

Front Desk: That is possible Miss. With pleasure. Here is your key.


Click here to download a Word spreadsheet with a short exercise as depicted to the right. These ESL grammar lesson plans will be very effective in teaching

Grammar Exercise

students how to ask questions and make requests. They will also be learning their grammar in a simple fun setting, instead of in the form of dry and hard fast grammar rules.