Webquest on The Five World Oceans for Grade School Students

This webquest is designed for grade school students as an introduction to basic ocean geography. The questions begin with general information and then become specific to each ocean. Students interested in learning more can answer the bonus questions for extra credit. Students may want to use colored pencils or markers for the diagram question. Encourage students to use websites that end in .gov or .edu as they are more likely to have accurate information. When using Google, Bing or Yahoo! for searches, type in the search words followed by the word site:.gov or site:.edu to find only government or education sites. For example, ocean names site:.edu will find educational websites on ocean names and ocean names site.gov will find government sites with ocean information.

General Knowledge

How many oceans are there on Earth and what are their names?

How much of the Earth’s surface is covered by ocean?

Which ocean is the largest?

Which ocean is the deepest?

Which ocean is the warmest?

What causes tides?

Pacific Ocean

Who named the Pacific ocean?

How large is the Pacific Ocean?

Name two islands in the Pacific Ocean.

What is the largest living structure on Earth?

Name the largest current in the Pacific Ocean.

Atlantic Ocean

What continents are separated by the Atlantic Ocean?

What is the largest island in the Atlantic?

What is the name of the underwater mountain range that runs south from Iceland?

What is the deepest measurement of the Atlantic?

Name the largest current in the Atlantic Ocean.

Indian Ocean

Name one island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Name two access waterways into the Indian Ocean.

What continents surround the Indian Ocean?

What is the Java Trench?

What is the southern border of the Indian Ocean?

Arctic Ocean

Where is the Arctic Ocean located?

Name two animals that live in the Arctic Ocean.

What is the average winter temperature of the Arctic Ocean?

Name three countries that border the Arctic Ocean.

Where are most fish located in the Arctic Ocean?

Southern Ocean

When was the southern ocean ‘created’ and who created it?

What is the northern border of the Southern Ocean?

What is the largest land feature in the Southern Ocean?

Name one animal that lives on the ice floes in the Southern Ocean.

How much does the ice shelf in Antarctica expand in the winter?

Bonus Questions

Where is the Bermuda Triangle located and why is it famous?

Which ocean goes all the way around the world?

Where did the Titanic sink and why?

What ocean has the biggest waves and what are they called?

Draw the geography of your favorite ocean.

What is the difference between an ocean and a sea?

What was the first ocean crossed by man?

What makes ocean currents?

How deep does light penetrate into the ocean?