Sunday School Lesson For Middle School or High School Students: Projects For Missionaries: Making Stamped Cards For Missionaries

First Things First: Preparation

If you’re a Sunday School teacher, a teacher at a private school, or even a home schooling parent, making stamped cards is not only fun, it helps students remember, and recognize the hard work that Missionaries do on a daily basis. Before the activity you could talk about which Missionaries you’re writing to, and where they work. At the end of the project you will have unique, colorful cards to send to Missionaries with words of encouragement.

In order to do this activity you will need to gather some supplies. I posted a picture below of things I used to make the finished product. Finding the paper to make the cards is easy. Many stores sell pre-perforated paper that is already prepared to be folded in half. This paper came in cream or white, and included envelopes. I got mine at Target, on sale! It is made my a company called Hot Hues.

You will also need glue sticks, or white glue, stamps, ink, stickers, colored pre-cut paper, markers and colored pencils. A fun optional item to have on hand is paper punches. You can get these at craft supply stores. The one I used was a star punch, see picture below. Also, you can purchase the pre-cut paper at stores like Target or Wal-Mart, or craft stores, in packs with many different sizes of cut shapes and colors.

Tip: If you are doing this with a Sunday School class, or a classroom, you can ask, in advance, for parents to send in supplies. Write up a supply list, and send home with the students. Some parents may have stamps, ink, and paper on hand, along with the other supplies too, that they can help contribute to the project.

Putting Together The Cards

After you’ve gathered the supplies, you’re ready to make the cards. Here’s a step by step list of what to do to assemble them,following the pattern below. This is just a guideline, you can have the students use creativity to make up their own designs too!

1. Set out a blank card and envelope for each student participating.

2. Have the students pick two different colored squares and glue to the original card.

3. Take a stamp (thank you, thinking of you, or other type of stamp) and dip in the ink. Stamp the middle of the two colored squares.

4. Color in the stamped creation with colored pencils and markers.

5. Use punches to create additional shapes, glue on the card.

6. Place stickers on the card.

Final Steps

After you’ve stamped the card you can have students decorate the envelope, or write on the inside of the card. You may want to give suggestions of things to say, such as "thank you for working so hard in (name of Missionary’s country)," or "thank you for serving the Lord, we are praying for you," etc. Many children could come up with things to say on their own, but some may need to be guided.

Students could also decorate the envelope, and once the card is complete, they can start on another one. This is a fun activity that helps students remember, and recognize, Missionaries that work hard daily to bring the light of Christ to others.

Optional Activity: If you have extra time you could have the students make cards for their Grandparents, favorite teacher or Mom and Dad. This activity can be used to make cards to honor many different people.