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Easy Easter Baskets with Paper Cups!

written by: thatbluegirl • edited by: Wendy Finn • updated: 6/6/2012

Your students will love the "in's and out's" of this fun weaving project where they will create a mini Easter basket out of paper cups. Perfect for Art class & Easter treats!

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    This project makes a cute little Easter basket using simple weaving techniques and paper cups. It is great for older elementary aged children (3rd or 4th grade) or if you're willing to do a little prep work, younger children in art class (or at home) can do this as well.

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    • 2-3 oz. paper cups per child
    • markers or paint
    • pencil
    • scissors
    • tape
    • Small utility or X-acto knife
    • ribbon or pipe cleaner
    • glue

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    1. Color two paper cups with markers or paint. (If using paint, make sure cups are completely dry before continuing steps). It is better to use a different color (or multiple colors) on each cup for better contrast while weaving. If working with marker, you can stuff the paper cups with newspaper to keep them from collapsing while younger children color on them.
    2. Turn the first paper cup upside down so its bottom up. (This will be the base cup that you will weave onto) Using a pencil, have children make a cross with the two lines intersecting in the middle of the cup bottom. Next make an X with the lines intersecting in the middle. Make a large dot where each line touches the edge of the cup. These are where cuts will be made.
    3. Using scissors, the children can cut down the sides of the paper cup, from the top to the bottom edge, using the dots as a guide. They will make a total of eight vertical cuts. Trim off the rim of each section as close to the top of the cup as possible.
    4. This step is for adults! Take the second paper cup and along the bottom edge, carefully make a hole in the side with the utility knife. Trim off the bottom of the cup and flatten it.
    5. With a pencil, draw two lines across the cup, following the curve of the paper cup's shape.
    6. With scissors, cut the paper cup on the drawn pencil lines through both layers of the flattened cup, to create three rings. Keep the three rings in order from small to large.
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    1. To start the simple weaving technique, hold the first paper cup one in hand, gently pushing every other strip inward.
    2. Take the smallest ring (cut from cup two) and slide it over the inward strips, making sure the ring has the narrower opening downward toward the bottom of the cup. Push the ring all the way down.
    3. Gently push the opposite strips inward and repeat the previous step using the middle sized ring. Make sure the medium ring has the narrower opening downward toward the bottom of the cup.
    4. Weave the last ring and secure to inside of the base cup with a piece of tape or two.
    5. Make a handle using pipe cleaner, ribbon, or paper and tape to the inside edge of the cup.
    6. Your Easter basket is done!

    Fill the cup with Easter grass, strips of green tissue paper or construction paper, or shredded paper. Paper cups can also be decorated with Easter stickers, foamies, jewels or other items glued on after assembly as well.