Fun Physical Education Games: Fun Physical Education Activities for Children

Steal the Salami

Steal the Salami is an old favorite when it comes to physical education games. To play, divide the class into two teams, and have each team line up against two walls so that the teams are facing each other. Give each player on Team A a number, and then repeat the process with Team B. (There should then be a “1” on Team A and a “1” on Team B.) Put a ball or another object directly between the two teams to act as the “salami.” Then call out a number. The two players with that number should run into the center of the circle and try to grab the salami and run back to their team. The catch: as soon as one player takes the salami, the other player can tag her as she runs back to her team. The player who successfully steals the salami or tags the other player earns a point for her team.

Sharks and Minnows

Choose one player to be a “shark,” and tell the other students that they are the “minnows.” Line the minnows against one wall. When you call out “Minnows!” all of the minnows must leave the wall and run to the opposite wall, while the shark tries to tag them. Any minnow who is tagged becomes a shark and can tag other minnows during the next round. Continue the game until only one minnow remains. The remaining minnow becomes the new shark.

Crazy Kickball

Bored of the same old kickball game? Try a variation of crazy kickball instead! Play it on a basketball court, with home plate and second plate under the two baskets. Put two more bases on the other sides of the court, and place an extra ball on first base.

The child who kicks the ball then runs to first base and performs some task (for example, hops up and down ten times), dribbles the ball from first base to second base and makes a basket, dribbles the ball to third base and performs another task (for example, does ten jumping jacks), and then dribbles the ball home and makes another basket.

In the meantime, the outfield catches the kicked ball and throws it to first base, where the first baseman does the same task before throwing the ball to second base. The second baseman makes a basket and throws the ball to third base, where the third basement completes the necessary task and throws it to the catcher. If the kicker makes the basket first, the kicker’s team gets a point. If the catcher makes the basket first, the catcher’s team gets a point. Sound confusing? Try it – it’s fun!

These physical education games are a great way to provide variety in your routine. Try some of these fun physical education activities to liven up your gym class; your students will be enthusiastic about playing!