Three Cool Ideas for a Classroom Fall Harvest Party

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Harvest Fiesta

Fall is a wonderful season, with plenty of natural beauty. Most of us have memories of Halloween parties at school, but today, many schools are opting for a harvest party instead, due to religious differences among families. You’ll be happy to know that there are tons of fun party ideas for fall harvest celebrations.

Apple Picking Party

A trip to an apple orchard could be the springboard to an apple-picking fall harvest party theme. Have students wear red, yellow, or green on the day of the party. Go together as a class to an apple orchard. Bring back some apples for use at the party. At your apple-picking party, you could bob for apples and serve plenty of different snacks made from apples. Choose healthy favorites, like dried apples, apple chips, apple crisp with granola crust, and homemade apple sauce. Enlist help from parents to chaperone the field trip and help out with the party, as well as send in snacks.

A Pumpkin Patch Celebration

Your harvest celebration could be held at your local pumpkin patch. Talk to an area pumpkin farmer about coming for a field trip, and then holding a party on-site. Make it a pumpkin picnic! Visit the farm, and ask the farmer for a tour of the pumpkin patch. After the tour of the farm, pick out a pumpkin to purchase for the classroom. Then stay at the pumpkin patch for a little picnic. Be sure to include a little pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds in your picnic lunch. Play a game of musical pumpkins, arranging a line of pumpkins instead of chairs. Kids will touch a pumpkin instead of sitting in a chair, when the music stops. The child who wins, gets to keep their pumpkin. If you are unable to have your pumpkin patch party onsite, the same thing can be done at school, using pumpkins sent in by parents.

A Farmer’s Fall Celebration

If you’d rather incorporate a variety of harvest activities, simply have a farmer’s fall celebration. This is one of the easiest harvest party ideas. Have your farmer’s fall celebration in the classroom or on the playground. If you choose to party outside, decorate the area with some corn stalks, pumpkins, and hay bales. Serve popcorn balls made from agave nectar, which is a healthier all natural sweetener. Apple cider with cinnamon sticks makes a perfect drink. Square dance and bob for apples, then play a ring toss game using apples, pumpkins, or other harvest targets.

If you’ve decided to celebrate fall this year instead of Halloween in your classroom, why not try one of these parties this year? Your class will have so much fun, they’ll forget all about Halloween.