Suggestions for Math Games for Teaching Elementary Math

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Elementary Math

The great thing about elementary math is that the concepts and rules are very basic. The difficult thing is that children tend to get tired of sitting and writing out their math problems. Why not spice things up a little with these games for teaching elementary math? Use one of the described games below to help your students learn elementary math concepts as they play!

  • Beach Ball Math-Write simple math equations all over a beach ball. The students go outside and toss the ball around. They must answer the math equation that their right thumb lands on. You can play this game a couple of ways. If they get the equation wrong they will either answer another equation or they will be “out”.
  • Math Hopscotch- Again, this is a game that can be played a couple of different ways. You can give the children questions or equations to answer and they must throw a stone or a token on the correct answer. This is especially good for building motor skills in young children.
  • Scavenger Hunts- Provide several teachers with math questions for your students. Divide students into groups and send them on scavenger hunts where they must provide the correct answer to obtain the object from the hunt.

These are all simple and affordable games to play. Children and teachers alike will enjoy these games for teaching math since they lend some variety to the day and the children are still practicing their math skills. Use the games provided here to help you come up with more math games. You may even ask the children for ideas on math games to play as their imaginations are constantly working! Whatever you do, remember that the more fun you can make learning, the more apt the students are to want to be a part of it.