Teaching Children Fire Safety: Using Fun Fire Safety Activities for Kids

Teaching Children Fire Safety: Using Fun Fire Safety Activities for Kids
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Fire Safety

Teaching children fire safety can be a difficult task because young students can become frightened with the information. It’s vital for children to learn this information despite the fact that it may scare them. There are a few fire safety activities for kids that can help them learn about fire safety and have fun in the process. A fun way to learn about fire safety is to have a “red day”. Children can plan meeting areas in case of a fire and play a game to learn “stop, drop, and roll”.

Red Day

Designate a “red day.” On this day children dress in red for the color of fire trucks. They explore the classroom to find red objects that can be used art projects. The children can then create art work associated to fire safety such as firefighters, fire hydrants, or fire trucks. The children use red crayons, paints, papers, and pipe cleaners. After their art projects are complete they can share them with other students and discuss why the objects in their pictures are important to fire safety.

Meeting Areas

An important part of fire safety is having a designated meeting area in case of a fire. To begin this activity, have the students go on a tour of the classroom and school looking for all the exits. After the tour discuss with the students where their meeting area is in case there’s ever a fire at the school. Once the discussion has ended give the students blank pieces of paper and have them draw their home including all the possible exits in case of a fire. After they have finished their drawings have them create an escape route in their homes in case there is a fire and have them designate a meeting spot. For a homework assignment, you can have the children go home and discuss their escape routes with family members and their choice for a designated meeting spot.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

A fun game for students to play to learn about fire safety is “stop, drop, and roll”. Use a household fire alarm and explain to the students that when the alarm sounds they must follow the fire rule of stop, drop, and roll. Allow the students to take turns sounding the alarm for the other students.

Activities for teaching children fire safety are a fun way to get them to learn important information. Sparky.org has many great online fire safety activities for kids.


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