Center of Gravity: Kids vs. Adults - A Fun Science Activity

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Kids vs. Adults

Every item has a center of gravity. Every person has a center of gravity as well. Simply put, the center of gravity is the determining factor in balance. If the center of gravity is in balance, then so is the object. However, if the center of gravity is thrown off balance then the object will either be supported or will topple!

Men and women have different centers of gravity. Children have different centers of gravity than adults. Try this fun science experiment using gravity to see the differences between men, women and children.

What You Will Need

For this science project, you will need the items listed below.

  • A small stool or chair.
  • A wall that will support the weight of an adult.
  • A woman
  • A man
  • A child

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to see how different each person’s center of gravity is.

  1. Have one person stand facing about two feet in front of the wall. It doesn’t matter who goes first as long as everyone is paying attention to each person’s performance.
  2. Place the stool or chair between the person and the wall.
  3. The person facing the wall should lean forward until their head touches the wall while keeping their back straight.
  4. Ask the person with their head on the wall to pick up the stool and hold it to their chest.
  5. Ask the person holding the stool to maintain that position but stand up straight.

What Does It Show?

Women and children tend to do far better than men do on this experiment. Why is that? Observe men, women and children. Compare bodies of men women and children. Why do you think that women and children do better on this experiment than men do? Is there a major difference in the center of gravity for each person in this experiment? Note that this experiment has nothing to do with strength and everything to do with the center of gravity!