An Eggs-traordinary Chemistry Project Using Boiled Eggs

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Egg in a Bottle

Did you know that air always flows from high pressure to low pressure? It is in fact so persistent in its course that it can actually move objects as well as change the shape of them to meet its goal. Get out your boiled eggs and get ready to see the impossible happen! For this chemistry science experiment you will need the following items. You will also need adult supervision.

  • One peeled hard-boiled egg
  • 4 matches
  • A piece of scrap paper about 1" x 1"
  • A bottle with a mouth just small enough that the egg will not fit inside of it

Eggs-periment Time

As you perform this science experiment, keep in mind that the air pressure inside the bottle is lower than the air pressure outside the bottle. This means that the higher pressure outside the bottle is simply waiting for a chance to get inside the bottle where the pressure is lower. What you are going to do is make the air pressure so low that the higher air pressure will force its way inside of the bottle. Follow the steps below to perform this experiment.

  1. Verify that the egg does not fit into the mouth of the bottle.
  2. Place the piece of paper inside of the bottle.
  3. Drop the four lit matches into the bottle.
  4. Place the egg on the mouth of the bottle in such a way as to use the egg to form a seal at the mouth of the bottle.
  5. Wait until the matches go out, then watch the egg be pushed into the bottle by the high air pressure!

Discuss the project. How can you now get the egg out of the bottle? Is it possible to increase the air pressure outside the bottle so that the egg is again pushed through the mouth of the bottle? Here’s a tip. Try turning the bottle upside down and blowing inside it!


  • Reference: Author experience