Teach Young Students How to Help the Environment: 3 Lesson Plans for Earth Day


Helping the environment is easy when you recycle. The students learn what recycling is and what items can be recycled. When items are

Environmentally Aware

recycled, there is less waste and garbage put into landfills.

A fun class activity for Earth Day to teach children how to recycle and care for the environment is to have the class start their own in classroom recycling center. Get three big boxes and let the class color and paint them. Once the students are finished, label each box with an item that can easily be recycled, such as cans, bottles, and newspapers. Students can then find the items around the classroom and begin recycling. Students continue the project past Earth Day. Instruct them to bring in items from home for recycling.


On Earth Day, students learn to help the environment by learning how to reuse things. Reusing items reduces the amount of waste and garbage that goes into the landfills everyday. One activity that teaches children how to reuse something requires empty tin cans, plastic containers, or small boxes. Students paint over these items to create pencil holders. Another great activity that reuses old newspapers and magazines is any paper mache project. Paper-mâché activities are fun craft projects for students to learn how to reuse items to promote a better environment. A great and easy paper-mâché project is to blow up a few balloons and have the students apply paper-mâché over them. Once the covered balloons have dried the children can then enjoy painting them.


Through fun Earth Day activities and creative projects, students learn how helping the environment is good for the Earth. By creating their own recycling center and reusing old containers, the students have reduced the amount of waste and garbage going into the landfills. Reducing waste is very important to help the environment.

Helping the environment is an important issue to make students aware of while incorporating important science concepts into your teaching. By teaching the students to do simple steps, like recycling, reusing, and reducing, they will help the environment, not only on Earth Day, but everyday.


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