Fun Game to Teach Telling Time Skills

Making the Game

Telling time can be a challenging concept for a child. This telling time game is designed to make it easy to learn as well as having a fun game to play. It is very inexpensive to make. Having the children assist in making the game is another way to reinforce the learning process. To make the game, you will need a pack of index cards, a red magic marker or pen and a black magic marker or pen.

  • Make cards for every hour. They should have the face of a clock on them telling the hour.
  • Make cards for every fifteen minutes. These cards should show the face of a clock at every "quarter after" an hour, every "half past" an hour and every "quarter 'til" an hour.
  • Make 4 cards that say "Dead Battery" and four cards that say "Wind Clock". These are your "wild cards".

The object of this game is to "go out". In order to "go out", the last player must discard and have no more cards left in their hand. The game is played by playing the cards in order on the discard pile. The players may also "lay down" matched sets of three or sets of three in order. Points are given at face value. The "wild cards" are scored at ten points each. If the "Dead Battery" card is played, that means that the clock needs to start over at twelve. The "Wind Clock" card means that the run of time has stopped and may be restarted at any given time.

To play the telling time game, shuffle the deck and deal five cards to each player. Lay one card face up next to the deck. The first player draws a card either from the top of the deck or from the top of the discard deck. The player must lay a card in the discard pile that follows the order of the pile. So, Susie draws a card. The card facing up says 3 o'clock. Susie lays a 3:15 card on top of the 3:00 card. It should be noted that how meticulous you want to be depends entirely on the players and the person directing the game. It is easier to play if the players are allowed to go from say 3:00 to 4:00 and not necessarily have to use the quarter hours. However, as the players become more adept, you may want to tighten the rules a bit to say that the game must go by the quarter hour.

When the "Wind Clock" card is played, the player may lay whatever time they wish on top of the "Wind Clock" card. Sets of three to be laid down may be 3 of any cards that are quarter after, half past, quarter 'til or on the hour. They may also go in numeric sequence. This is actually a fun game and can be made to be as simple or as complicated as the skill of the players present.