Self Esteem Activity Using Jenga

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Jenga and Self Esteem

Many children suffer from low esteem. While their parents play a large part in how they view themselves, their peers have quite a bit of effect as well. This game is a modified version of the game Jenga. It can be a fun and useful tool in increasing a child’s self esteem level. Use this as one you the self esteem games in your collection.

Here is how to make the game.

To do this project you will need the Jenga game and a magic marker. Of course, you also need your imagination! Buy one Jenga game. These are sold in most mega stores. You can also buy the generic version which is sold in many dollar stores. Once you get the game at home or in the classroom, open the game and remove all the pieces. On each piece, you will need to write a question or activity. Here are some examples of questions and activities to write.

  • Tell the person to your left what your favorite thing about them is.
  • What is your favorite thing about yourself?
  • What are you best at?
  • What is the person to your right best at?
  • Act out a scene from your favorite movie.

Get really creative here. You can do an entire classroom activity on this. Let the children come up with questions. Make sure they know the direction to go with questions and activities (for example, about me or self esteem questions).

Once you have written on the blocks of the Jenga game, set the tower up as if you are going to to play the game in a normal manner. Each player selects a piece when it is their turn. They must perform the activity on the game piece before placing the game piece on the top of the tower. The object is to keep the tower standing as long as possible.

This game can be very fun and creative. The children will enjoy getting positive feedback from their peers. They may also hear things about themselves they didn’t know other people saw. It is also a positive thing for a child to learn to compliment others and see the reaction as a child receives praise from their peers. Don’t forget that children can learn and bond as they have fun.That’s why self esteem games are such powerful tools.