Engaging Morning Routine Activity Using the Interactive Whiteboard

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Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the morning routine can be the most important part of the school schedule. It sets the tone for the rest of the day’s activities and helps students switch into their learning modes.

While most teachers have a schedule they follow each morning, there isn’t always a lesson plan involved. The use of a plan during this essential part of the school day can have great benefits. One easy way to perk up your morning routine is to use your interactive whiteboard and the following teaching suggestions. Start with the Morning Routine tool to organize and track your morning routine while engaging and capturing your class’s attention. Below are a few morning routine lesson plan ideas to get you started.


Using the Gynzy Morning Routine calendar is the perfect way to track weekdays, months of the year, and special holidays. Simply choose the correct month from the options on the side of the screen and drag it to its place at the top. Then place each date on the appropriate day of the week. For holidays, choose the corresponding picture at the bottom and drag it to its spot on the calendar. Singing the months of the year song or the seven days in a week song at this point will help students remember each important name.

Weather and Seasons

Select the proper season from the options and drag it to its place at the top of the screen. This is a good time to ask students about special holidays, events, or weather patterns that occur during this time of the year. Next, use the pointer on the weather wheel to reflect the weather outside the classroom. Then go on to talk about some fun science facts and give a mini lesson on how rain forms, what snow is made of, or how the sun helps plants grow. Finally, use the weather chart to add another mark under the day’s correct weather then count how many of each type you’ve enjoyed so far.

Number Sense

This is a great tool to use for keeping track of the number of days you’ve been in school. Input the number you wish to use then have the class tell you how many hundreds, tens, and ones there are. The pictures beneath each category allow you to drag the correct amount of each place value into the square so that students can count. This not only gives you the chance to keep track of your days in school but also provides an opportunity to sneak in a little math practice as well.

Since the Morning Routine tool keeps track of the changes you make each day, your progress is saved and ready to go the next morning without you having to start over. By incorporating this fun activity into your day you should see a difference in the your class’ morning response.