Throwing and Catching Games for Elementary Students

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Being active has never been more fun. The following games include bean bag golf, beach ball scramble and a Frisbee toss. These throwing and catching games for elementary students are a good way to change up physical education.

Students will develop abilities involved with gross motor skills such as coordination and control. Following directions while working with a partner and teamwork are other skills that will be developed.

Water Splash

On a hot day, organize students into groups of four. Next, give each group of students two water absorbing balls. Then, fill up buckets full of water. Two people will stand behind the bucket and two kids will stand in a line facing the bucket. The two groups should be about ten feet apart. The student with the ball will throw the water absorbing ball into the bucket. Next, they run to the end of the line behind the bucket. The student behind the bucket picks the ball out of the water and runs to the back of the ball line. This is a fast moving game and students may get wet.

Bean Bag Golf

This activity requires plenty of space. Also, students need to be divided into groups of four. Each groups needs a hula hoop and four bean bags. For the first round, the golfer needs to stand a distance of ten feet away from the hoop. The objective of the game is to throw the bean bag inside the hula hoop. For every bag that goes inside, the golfer receives a point. When every member of the group has gone, the hula hoop needs to be moved back five feet. The process is repeated for four rounds.

Beach Ball Scramble

The beach ball scramble is played in a relay format. Depending on the size, the class should be divided into two or three teams. Each group needs a beach ball. The teams need to be split up. Half of the team stands in one line and the other half stands facing the first half of the team. The object of the game is to throw the beach ball to the other side of the line. After throwing the beach ball, the student needs to run to the back of the line. This is completed until every student has thrown the ball. Play songs by the Beach Boys to liven up this game.

Frisbee Toss

For this game, the teacher needs a whistle and a timer. Students should find a partner. Each set of partners is given a Frisbee. Next, the partners should line up about five feet away. The object of the game is to successfully toss the Frisbee back and forth without dropping it. At the blow of the whistle, students throw the Frisbee back and forth. Every time they catch the Frisbee, they get a point. If the pair drops the Frisbee, they start at zero again. After two minutes, blow the whistle. Have each student step back one giant step and repeat the process five times.

Alternative to Regular Sports

These fun throwing and catching games for elementary students are a good alternative to regular physical education games like baseball and dodgeball. These games are easy to set up and can actively engage the entire class.

If you have any other ideas for fun games then please post a comment and let us know.


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