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About the Author

Stevan Krajnjan has been a teacher since 1985 and is currently a Special Education teacher in Canada. Krajnjan received not one but two Bachelor Degrees, one being in the Arts and the other being in Education. He has designed the Timesavers for Teachers books and websites to help others in his profession find organization and time in their own classroom.

Awards & Recognition:

  • Exceptional Teacher Award by The Learning Disabilities Association of Mississauga and North Peel (1997)

About the Site (5 out of 5)

This site is set up for loads of information for teachers. Links are organized according to what the teacher may be looking for. Topics include calculators & conversion tools for teachers, ESL teacher sites, special education links, resume & job help for teachers, and commercial teacher sites.

One portion of the site offers free forms as a free e-book download.

These forms include:

  • Homework forms (done/not done)
  • Incident report
  • School trip form
  • Reading log
  • Parent contact sheet

About the Books (5 out of 5)

Besides setting up a site where teachers can find useful information, Krajnjan has also written several books to help teachers stay organized. Each book can be downloaded or you also have the option to have the book mailed to you on CD for an extra charge. The books also have the option to be interactive which allows for the teacher to type information into the forms before printing.

The books are as follows:

  • The Teacher’s Binder: 265 pages of useful forms for use with K-12; some forms included are IEP, telephone directory, psych report, goals, and lesson plan templates. Price is $27.95 for printable version & $32.95 for interactive version.
  • Report Card Comments: 180 pages of comments teachers can use on report cards for use with K-12. Comments used involve listening skills, written expression, and spelling to name a few. Price is $26.95.
  • 1000 Writing Ideas: 46 pages of writing prompts for use with 3rd grade to 12th grade. Writing ideas and prompts for the busy teacher and also included frequently used words, common misspelled words, and spelling rules. Priced at $13.95.
  • Just Teach It! 31 page unit to help with the end of the year lesson plans. This unit allows for students to do what they want to do and teach their peers! Some ideas in this unit include teach someone how to ride a bicycle, how to cook chili, and how to babysit. Priced at $11.95.
  • Just Multiply It! 81 pages of hints and tips for teaching the multiplication table. For use with 2nd grade to 6th grade. Priced at $15.95.
  • Classroom Awards: 73 pages of awards, certificates, and passes made from scratch! Geared toward K-12 and priced at $15.95 (printable version) $1995 (interactive version).
  • Math Timesavers: is a 90 page compilation of commonly used charts and worksheets in math. Saves the busy teacher much time! Geared toward K-8 and priced at $14.95.
  • Substitute Kit: is a 55 page kit to leave your substitute when you are absent. You can organize seating charts, welcome notes, lessons needed to be done. Etc. Wonderful kit for any teacher! Geared toward K-12. Interactive version is $18.95 while the printable version is $15.95.
  • Spelling Activities: 71 pages of ready to use spelling activities including writing numbers, cursive writing, and creative letters. Geared toward 3 grade to 12 grade. Priced at $16.95


The website is beautifully laid out with a plethora of teacher materials. It took me nearly a week to really get through all of the information. The books are creative and reasonably priced. Samples can be seen on the site for each book in both PDF and HTML versions. A wonderful, inexpensive tool to use for any teacher or homeschooler. Testimonials can also be read on the website. I strongly recommend looking over the samples and seeing what you like on the site. From one busy teacher to another, you may be surprised at what you can use your very first day back to school!