Tips & Strategies for Teaching the Gifted Student

Need some challenging lesson plans to teach your gifted and exceptional class? Find a wealth of resources for talented students, in math, literature, art and other subjects. These activities and project ideas are sure to keep the brightest minds learning and on track. Also find ideas for group work, classroom activities and other interactive ideas.

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  • Teaching Gifted Children: Ideas, Tips & Lesson Plans
    Whether it is the beginning of a new school year or close to the end of the final semester, educators are always searching for information on new activities, lesson plans and projects for advanced learners. This guide is chock-full of information dedicated to advanced learners.
  • Are We Meeting The Special Needs of Gifted Children?
    According to the National Association of Gifted Children, there are approximately 3 million academically gifted students in grades K-12 in the US. That number is approximately 6% of all school age children in the United States. Are we meeting these children's special academic needs?
  • How Gifted Children are Assessed
    How is exceptionality in children determined? What programs are available for children who are gifted? Most parents and some teachers of exceptional children ask these questions. Often, the answers they receive are less than helpful. This article will aid in answering these questions.
  • Use Independent Projects to Get Gifted Students' Gears Going
    Are you unsure what to do with the gifted students in your classroom? One way to challenge these learners is through exciting independent projects.
  • Tips and Ideas for Gifted Group Activities
    Do your more talented students sometimes struggle working in groups? Do you need ideas for grouping and creating a strong activity for them to work on together? Providing a theme may help them to tap into their thirst for excess knowledge and promote further learning in the classroom.
  • Challenging Gifted Students in Mainstream Classrooms
    Diagnostic testing has shown that gifted students have exceptional academic skills in processing and applying knowledge in mainstream classrooms. For the gifted student who is being marginalized in the classroom, teachers must find challenging instructional methods to make learning rigorous and fun.
  • Gifted and Exceptional Students and Math Problem Solving
    Gifted students may be the best problem-solvers in your math classroom or the ones who will assert that they are just not into math. Either way, teachers can take a simple math lesson on ratios and create both a challenging opportunity and a teaching moment for gifted students in math classes.
  • How to Get Gifted Students Ready for College Life
    Many people assume that gifted and exceptional students will find college easy. The reality is different. These special students also face numerous challenges that if not adequately prepared by teachers, gifted students would face insurmountable frustrations and would drop out of school.
  • Gifted Students and Reading Instruction: What's the Best Strategy?
    Teaching students who are reading at a level beyond their chronological age is a challenge, especially with young children. Choosing content for reading instruction and class activities requires care and preparation. Read on for some tips on reading instruction for gifted students.
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