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Fun Learning Ideas for Toddlers (page: 4 of 19)

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  • Online Learning Sites for Toddlers
    With the wealth of high quality, developmentally appropriate websites for toddlers, it is easy to introduce kids to the computer. This list of toddler-friendly websites introduce learning concepts as well as early computer skills.
  • Art Supplies and Easy Ideas For A Toddler Masterpiece
    Easy art projects are great for toddlers. Artwork helps develop a fondness for paint and a host of other toddler art, such as craft media. Development projects that focus on paints and associated materials add pizzazz to the finished art activities and provide a variety of learning nuances.
  • How to Teach Toddlers to Read Words
    Want some new ideas on teaching toddlers to read? The following activities and ideas that you can use in teaching toddlers to read words make learning fun and engaging.
  • Toddler Tips and Tricks: Creative Toddler Teaching Methods
    Worried about keeping a room full of one year olds happy and engaged? Try these simple and creative ways to teach toddlers. Includes tips for large and small group activities as well as simple songs, rhymes and hints for transition times.
  • The Four Seasons: Ideas For Decorating Your Preschool Classroom
    If you want some daycare room ideas that look visually pleasing and provide a bit of education as well, just look at the world around you. Use this article as a guide to decorate your preschool or daycare around the four seasons.
  • Teaching Toddlers the Alphabet in the Montessori Curriculum
    What is Montessori alphabet teaching and learning and how to go about it? Is there a best method to teach toddlers the alphabet in Montessori classrooms?
  • Free Online Computer Activities for Toddlers
    Computer savvy kids start their online computer activities sooner than elementary school. In many cases, toddlers are already online and playing games geared specially toward them. Read on for some of the best free toddler games online.
  • What's Your Name? Three Crafts to Help Toddlers Recognize Their Names
    Wondering if it is too early to teach your toddlers how to recognize their own name? The answer is, "No!" Your students will have a blast creating and playing with these name crafts and you will enjoy watching them acquire name recognition skills.
  • Teddy Bear Rhyme and Theme for the Toddler Classroom
    What is cute, cozy, and has a heartwarming smile? It's the teddy bear, a security figure most children have been attracted to for decades. Use this teddy bear rhyme with the children at your home daycare or in the classroom.
  • A Guide to Fun and Easy Sorting Activities for Toddlers
    Sorting activities for toddlers are one of the kids’ activities that have a host of learning applications. This accounts for the preschool games that focus on sorting and also stacking cups. Read on for some fun – and unexpected – sorting activities for toddlers.
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