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  • Explore Your Wild Side With These Animal Games!
    Have a wild time with these toddler animal games for the classroom! Make your game-time an educational opportunity!
  • Get Up and Get Outdoors with These Toddler Games!
    Have fun in the sun with these school yard games. Your students will learn numbers, colors and shapes with these warm weather activities. Read on to find out more!
  • Online Educational Games for Toddlers
    Look to the Internet and find numerous educational games for toddlers. For online toddler games, printable preschool activities, preschool games online or simply a catalog of toddler toys and science activities, surfing the ‘Net is a must.
  • Toddlers Explore Their Family Ties with 4 Easy Crafts
    Toddler crafts for a family theme are perfect at-home rainy day activities, daycare projects, and also classroom assignments. These family-themed crafts are uncomplicated, fun, and – best of all – perfect as holiday presents or keepsakes.
  • Exercise Games for the Toddler Class
    Toddlers love to be active. They often naturally engage in running and climbing. Toddler exercise games are a great way to respond to their need for physical activity.
  • Trends and Implications in Teaching Toddlers
    The beginning and development of childcare practice outside the family home have seen issues of qualitative provision for toddlers in early years settings take a greater significance. What are the current teaching provisions for toddlers like and what do they imply?
  • Tips for Teaching Toddlers the Names of Others
    Use repetition, examples and nicknames to help toddlers learn the names of the people around them. Toddlers can learn to identify people by name using a few simple teaching techniques.
  • Top Recommended Two Year Old Curriculum Packages
    This article reviews a series of the most efficient and most complete curriculum packages designed for the education and development of the two year old child.
  • Learning Activities for One Year Olds
    The baby has just grown up to the toddler stage and is ready to explore and learn about his/her world. Try some of these activities with your one-year-old to help them learn, grow and develop skills that are needed for later years.
  • Speech Activities for Toddlers to Teach Vocabulary
    One of the most exciting and complex achievements of a toddler is learning to talk. Use the following speech and language activities for toddlers to not only teach them vocabulary, but also to participate in verbal exchanges with others.
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