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  • Cooperative Play with Seven Ideas for Toddlers Playing with Others
    Toddlers are emerging from their own little worlds and are becoming curious about the other children around them. However they are still in a developmental stage centered around themselves. Learn ways to help a toddler, playing with others, to play cooperatively.
  • Teaching Toddlers in Daycare Centers
    Use the ideas in this article to create balanced lesson plans for toddlers in a daycare center environment.
  • Hooray for Creative Arts! Activities for Daycare Centers
    At a loss when it comes to preparing art activities for your preschool classroom? Remember it's the process, not the product, that counts. Use the guided activities listed here to jump start your own art curriculum.
  • Piggyback Songs to Transition Toddlers Throughout the Day
    As toddlers move from one activity to another, singing songs cue young children what to expect next. Read on and learn some songs to transition toddlers.
  • Head Into the Great Outdoors With These Fun Toddler Activities
    Finding fun, entertaining, and inexpensive outdoor activities can be difficult during the colder months. Outlined are a few activities that will enrich your child's mind, and are easy on your wallet.
  • Activity Games for 3 Year Olds
    Structured activity games for 3 year olds are fun for children and adults. There is a time and a place for free play, but if you want to direct a child's learning, this article explains some fun learning activities for indoor and outdoor preschool fun.
  • Felt Crafts for Toddlers: Making a Colorful Scarf
    Preschool teachers can help their students prepare for autumn and winter weather by making felt scarves. These toddler scarf crafts are simple to make--children can choose their favorite color and teachers can glue special designs on the scarves. Toddlers will keep warm and look cute on cold days!
  • Fun Indoor Activity Ideas to Keep Little Tikes Busy
    Toddlers are busy little people. They like to keep their mind and body occupied and that can sometimes be a challenge inside. Use this lesson plan to keep your little ones occupied and educated while indoors.
  • Printed Words Everywhere Can Enhance a Toddler's Vocabulary
    Introduce a print-rich environment in the toddler classroom to help young children learn about the printed word. Practicing toddler language activities helps little ones with vocabulary skills and pre-reading.
  • Toddler Poetry
    Add some excitement to your classroom festivities. Learn these poems to teach your students. These simple, easy to remember poems are sure to be a blast!
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