Moses Toddler Craft: Make the Burning Bush

The Burning Bush

Before beginning this craft, talk to children about the story of Moses and the burning bush. Let them know that this where God instructed Moses to go to the Pharaoh and speak for the freedom of the slaves. Make it a point to let students know that though the bush was on fire, it was not consumed by the flames. Once students understand the story, move on to the craft below.

Craft Time

To do this craft you will need white construction paper, autumn colored crayons, paint brushes, a straw for each student and water color or tempera paints.

  • Prepare the craft area by covering a table with a washable table cloth. (This craft can be messy.)
  • Give each student a piece of white construction paper.
  • Instruct students to draw the branches of a bush with brown crayon.
  • Help students to draw different colored leaves on the bush. This is a great time to show them some basic techniques of makes blurred images that will come together to look like leaves.
  • Give each child a straw.
  • Show students how to place drops of colors like orange, yellow and red from the tempera paint or water colors on their papers using the tip of the brush on the paint brush.
  • Ask students to put their straws in their mouths and blow on the paint so that they are blowing outward from the bush. Be sure to show toddlers how to blow and not suck through the straw so that paint does not end up in their mouths! By keeping their mouths a safe distance from the paint, this should not be too concerning.

When students complete this project they should have a crayon bush that look like it is on fire, but not damaged by the fire, just as in the Bible story.

This is a great time to discuss the fact that the fire did not destroy the bush. Talk with students about the fact that God can make such things happen and even empowered Moses to perform miracles of his own. Discuss some of these things that God empowered Moses to do.