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Fun Activities That Your Young One-Year-Old Toddler Will Love!

written by: Keren Perles • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 3/2/2012

Many toddler activities are a lot of fun – for older toddlers. These young toddler activities are perfect for one-year-olds who are just becoming independent.

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    Do you have a young toddler at home? Take a look at these fun young toddler activities to keep your little one busy and happy.

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    Shoebox Surprise

    Find some small blocks or other toys of similar sizes. Cut a hole in the top of a shoebox that’s slightly bigger than the toys. Show your young toddler how to stick the toy through the hole, and then help him find where it went by taking off the lid! You’ll be surprised how excited your toddler will be when he succeeds in fitting the toy through the hole, as well as when he figures out how to find where the toy went.

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    Water Play

    On a warm day, try taking several large plastic containers outside. Be original, you can use an old infant bathtub, a bucket, a pail, or even a large cooking pot. Fill them with water from the hose, and give your young toddler small containers of different shapes and sizes, such as plastic cups, plastic bowls, and Tupperware containers. Show your child how to use the small containers to pour the water from one large container to another. At the end of the game, let your child dump all of the large containers into a gutter or another safe area.

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    Laundry Play

    Feel like you never have time to do the laundry with your young toddler underfoot? Try making him a part of the action. Bring out a laundry basket full of clothes from the dryer and set it on the clean floor or carpet. Then ask your toddler, “Can you please give me some clothes from the basket?” Help him follow your instructions the first time, and you’ll find yourself rushing to fold the clothing fast enough to catch up with his offers of more clothing! Name each piece of clothing as you fold it to increase your young toddler’s vocabulary.

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    Fill ‘er Up!

    Young toddlers are just starting to be able to identify common objects, such as toys. Once you see that he can identify several toys, set a large paper bag on the floor, and ask him to get one of the toys and put it in the bag. At first, you may need to split your instructions into two requests: “Can you get me the ball?” “Can you put it in the bag?” But soon, your toddler will be running to add more objects to the bag. At the end, ask, “Can you dump the bag?” Your toddler will be quick to comply, especially after you show him what the word “dump” means.

    These young toddler activities are the perfect antidote for your child’s boredom. Try them today, and watch your child’s face light up!