Three Homemade Toddler Craft Gift Ideas for Holidays and Special Occasions

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Gift Giving

Throughout the school year students, parents and teachers alike all enjoy holidays and special events. Why not dress up these events with these toddler craft gift ideas? Your students will enjoy creating unique works of art for their loved ones, and you will have the opportunity to offer them time to foster their creativity. Use these ideas for a specific holiday, or alter them for any day of the school year.

Foot Print Welcome Mat for Everyday or for any Holiday

Materials Needed:

Welcome mat in light color (one for each student)

Fabric paint

Tempera paints

Shallow bucket

Bucket containing warm soap and water


This craft can be used for a specific holiday, such as Christmas, or for any occasion. If this gift is intended for a specific holiday, use paint colors associated with that holiday, if applicable, including a specific mat color if you are able. Start off this craft by handing out a mat to every student. Have tempera paint ready in a shallow bucket for the children to stick their feet in. Have the children take off their shoes and socks and help them dip their feet in the paint and then place them in the middle of the mat. Wash the child’s feet off afterwards. Move on to the next child. You could have the children paint the mat, make hand prints or even make thumbprints to enhance the beauty of this project. Once completed make a message on the mat with fabric paint that states, “Welcome!” and the child’s name at the bottom. Include the year to capture a moment in time. Whether used as a welcome mat or as a decoration you and your students will give a gift that will be a welcomed treasure!

Hand Bouquet for Mother’s Day

Materials Needed:

Foam Sheets in multiple colors (five different colors for each student)

Long green pipe cleaners (5 for each student)


Markers, crayons or any decorating supply

Ribbon (one 8” piece for each student)

Moms and caregivers alike love to receive flowers! Why not make them a bouquet for Mother’s Day that will stand the test of time and be a reminder of their little ones as well? This project will take a few days to be completed. Start off by tracing a student’s hand on a foam sheet. Cut out the hand print and copy it to 4 additional foam sheets that are different in color. Cut out these 4 additional hands as well. Once this step is completed, keep the “hands” together and label them with the child’s name. Hand out the 5 hands to the children as marked. Have them use markers, crayons or any decorating supply you may have (that is age appropriate) to beautify their hand prints. Once this step is completed, cut two small, parallel slits in each of the hands at the bottom. Place a pipe cleaner through both of these slits, which then should hold the hand in place at the top of the now “stem.” Do this for each hand. Once completed, gather the 5 hand “flowers” and tie them together with the ribbon. This will create a beautiful hand bouquet of “flowers” any mom is sure to love!

Cubby Picture Gift for Graduation

Materials Needed:

3x5 picture of student

Popsicle Sticks for frame (one frame for each student)


Tempera paints, markers, crayons or any decorating supply

Many teachers use a picture of their students to signify where their cubby is during the school year. At the end of the year this picture could be used for a wonderful end of the year gift for caregivers! Prior to hand out, have ready a Popsicle stick frame that will fit the 3x5 cubby picture of the student. Use glue for binding purposes. Hand out the completed frames to the students. Have age appropriate decorating supplies available for them to spark their creativity. Let them decorate the frames. Glue the frame onto the picture once it is ready. Now you will have a perfect gift that encompasses the whole school year!

Spread the Joy

These toddler craft gift ideas will help spread the joy to others. Caregivers treasure gifts made by their toddlers and these gifts will be no exception. Whether paired with an upcoming holiday or on their own, they will be remembered for many years to come!

Due to the nature of these crafts and the age of the students all of these craft projects will require helpers.