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  • Develop Test Amnesia? Forget No More
    When you have a huge test coming up, you might find yourself drowning in facts to memorize. Use these tips to memorize lists of facts easily and quickly.
  • Reading Passage Testing Strategy: TRAPP Method
    Reading passages are difficult for students because they require focus and stamina in reading in order to correctly answer the questions that typically follow. With the TRAPP strategy, students will learn simple, yet effective steps to reading and analyzing a test passage.
  • What to Expect in an AP Class
    High school students may face challenges in the AP class, but they will enjoy the rewards. AP classes allow for more discussion, more research, and more exploring because the students learn to think outside the box.
  • Preparing for the AP Exam
    The AP exam is given in May. Prior to that time you can prepare to take the test either in a classroom, through an internet course or on your own. Students can do better on the test if they know what to expect and how to prepare.
  • Ace Those Multiple Choice Tests: 4 Key Tips for Success!
    Do you often freeze up during multiple choice tests? Are you daunted by the possibilities for a wrong answer? Here are four great tips that will change the way you look at multiple choice questions. You're bound to improve your chances of success!
  • Calming Pre-Test Nerves: What to do the Night-Before and Day-Of a Big Test
    A little anxious about a big test coming up? Some students have a hard time calming pre-test jitters no matter how much they've studied. If you're nervous the day before or day of a big test, try some of these tips.
  • Pass the Test! Multiple Choice Test Taking Strategies
    The secret to acing a multiple choice test is to be prepared! Although, these expert tips can't hurt either.
  • ACT Test Prep: Why It Is Important
    Many students and their parents don't realize the importance of good ACT test prep. This article takes a look at how preparation for this college entrance exam can make a huge difference in a student's performance.
  • ACT Prep: Resources for Free Practice Tests
    Free ACT practice tests are available from a number of resources and are an excellent way for students to prepare for the exam. Unfortunately, many students and their parents are not aware of the widespread availability of these free resources.
  • ACT Test Prep: An Introduction
    Good information about ACT test prep is important for students, parents, and teachers. This article introduces the various topics discussed in this series: why ACT test prep is important, free test prep resources, and a look at the math section of the ACT.
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