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  • Tips on Writing and Presenting an Informative Speech in Class
    Speaking in public can be terrifying, but what if you also have to write a speech? Combining these two aspects can be horrific to some people. Learn how to write an informative speech and deliver it with ease.
  • Test Taking Strategies for True or False Tests
    True or false questions are often deceiving as you may think they are easy to answer. You only have the choice of either true or false as your answer. However, these questions can be more difficult than they look. Here are some test taking strategies for true false tests.
  • Top Five Tips for Preparing for the Critical Reading Section of the SAT Exam
    The SAT Critical Reading section should culminate a student’s high school Language Arts’ experience. After four years of reading novels, textbooks, and passage-based handouts, students should be prepared to conquer the SAT Critical Reading. If not, keep reading.
  • Strategies to Build SAT Vocabulary in the Reading Section
    Let's face it, if you didn't build up your vocabulary by reading Webster's Dictionary during those high school Friday night dances, you might want to keep reading this article. Read on for some SAT vocabulary building tips.
  • Tips for the PSAT/SAT: Strategies to Conquer the Reading Section
    "You have 25 minutes to complete the Critical Reading Section of this test. The time starts now." How many times have you heard those words at the beginning of a test, any test? When those words are said for the PSAT/SAT tests, make sure you are strategic in how you conquer the reading section.
  • Why You Should Obtain Your GED & How to Do It
    The absence of a high school diploma can seriously work against you when looking for jobs or applying to colleges. Consider getting your GED to open up new opportunities, and to provide for yourself and your family.
  • Ace the AP Chemistry Exam: Tips for Students
    When you're enrolled in AP Chemistry, all your coursework throughout the semester leads up to the final AP exam at the end of the year. Your grade on this exam can be counted towards college credit at some schools, so make sure you study carefully.
  • Test Taking Tips for Essay Questions
    In high school, you will take essay tests, especially in college prep classes. The way you write your answers on an essay test is often as important as knowing the material that your teacher is testing you on. These essay test taking tips will help you improve your score!
  • Exam Stress Management Tips for Students
    Exam stress can literally paralyze a student and keep them from getting the grades they have studied for. Learn some simple stress management tips to face exams confidently.
  • Memorization Tips for Students: Learning Vocabulary Words the Fun Way!
    If the idea of memorizing a long list of vocabulary words terrifies you, this article is for you. There are plenty of ways to make memorizing vocabulary lists easy and less stressful.
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