Test Taking Techniques for All Grades & Ages

Do you get stressed out as soon as you learn you will be taking a test? Does it seem like you study and study for tests, but panic as soon as the timer starts ticking? It's normal to have some anxiety when exam time nears, but it doesn't have to be that way. Discover tried-and-true techniques for exam preparation as well as test-taking strategies that will have you conquering your anxiety and fears, and showing your teachers, and yourself how much you really know.

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  • How Can I Remember? Use Helpful Mnemonic Devices
    Every day you have tons of information thrown at you in class that you have to be able to reproduce at a moment's notice. So what can you do to remember? This list of common mnemonic devices will help you remember important facts in many different subjects.
  • Navigating Test Prep
    When a major standardized test is looming, you know you need to prepare – but choosing among the myriad available study materials can be confusing. To make sure you’re as prepared as possible, be sure to know your baseline, select appropriate materials, and study both content and strategy.
  • 9th Grade SAT Prep Words
    Getting ready for the SAT? Learning vocabulary is extremely important for raising your score! Nail down your success on the test. Study these essential vocabulary words that are likely to be asked, and you'll reach your targeted score, guaranteed.
  • Identifying Synonyms and Antonyms Through Examples of Multiple Choice Test Questions
    Picking the right word answer out of 4 or 5 multiple choice options, doesn't have to be such an anguished decision. Learning how to identify synonyms and antonyms on reading tests may be the key to getting the good grade you want!
  • 11 Study Tips for Final Exams
    It's the end of the year and you're looking forward to summer, but first comes the final exams! Don't get too overwhelmed or stressed. Follow these study tips and end the year on a high note - with a high grade!
  • Successful Study Strategies for a High School Level Writing Exam
    Have a writing test coming up? Are you going to pass? These steps will guide you through the process of studying and practice writing. Whether you're not sure where to start, or lost your way somewhere in the middle, these tips can help you stay on track.
  • How to Overcome Mathematics Test Anxiety
    So math isn't your strongest subject. It seems like no matter how hard you study, when it comes time for a math test, you can't concentrate or remember even basic rules for problem solving. Overcome text anxiety with these tips.
  • Four Theories For Taking a Standardized Reading Test
    Studying for standardized tests' reading portions allows students to develop their own manner of test taking. They will build confidence and begin the test when time is called, instead of worrying about the test's format or questioning style.
  • 9 Easy Tips to Help Study For GED Testing
    When you begin to study for GED testing, it can be an overwhelming experience. The length and complexity of the test can be very stressful. There are 9 easy tips to use to help make the testing situation easier. These tips can be used before and during the GED test.
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