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  • Bright Hub's Guide to Teaching Preschool Kids How to Make and Keep Friends
    Teaching preschoolers good socialization skills prepares them for success in kindergarten and beyond. Making friends is a learned skill and takes practice. Use these preschool friendship lessons and activities from Bright Hub to teach students all about friendship.
  • Bulletin Boards for the Whole Preschool Year
    Here you will find a vast collection of bulletin board ideas for all of your preschool classroom needs, along with suggestions for incorporating the displays into your curriculum. With over 40 examples to choose from, your learning space is sure to shine this year!
  • What to Look For: Early Signs of Emotional Problems in Preschoolers
    What happens when a dose of being consoled, help with problem solving or redirecting does not do the trick to an emotional preschooler? When digging a bit deeper, signs of preschool emotional problems may be evident. Here are the clues and what to do if you find them.
  • A Guide to Preschool Big Books
    Looking for ways to use big books in your preschool classroom? Find ideas for what to teach with them, where to get them and a list of big books preschool children will love.
  • School to Home Notes for Preschool
    Teachers and parents need to find creative ways to communicate about a child's progress while in school. It is virtually impossible for the teacher to call every parent, so using a school-to-home note system seems to work best. There are several examples of preschool school-to-home notes to use.
  • How to Teach Preschool Numbers: Activities Using Music
    The trick to teaching numbers and pre-math in a preschool classroom is to make each lesson motivating, creative, and an enjoyable experience. Read on to see how using traditional songs/chants can provide lively preschool number activities the kids will love to do.
  • Healthy Food Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool Teachers
    These healthy food bulletin board ideas for preschool serve two purposes. One, they explore healthy vs. unhealthy foods. Second, they become fun activities centers for use during play time. Have fun working with your class to create a healthy foods bulletin board too.
  • What about Chopin? The Early Childhood Benefits of Listening to Classical Music
    The supposed benefits of listening to classical music are a hot topic for parents and early childhood educators. Discover the early childhood benefits listening to Chopin, a wonderful addition to your more popular classical music composers.
  • First, Next, Last: Teaching Story Sequencing to Preschoolers
    Story sequencing is a concept that may seem easy to you, but can be a challenge for some preschoolers to grasp. Before teaching important sequence connector words such as first, next, then, finally and last, you have to be sure that children understand ordinal numbers and their meanings.
  • That Was Easy! Online Sites for Preschool Classroom Floor Plans
    Gone are the days of physically moving your classroom furniture in order to decide the best layout for your room. Use these online sites to play with room arrangement before having to move one heavy piece of furniture, saving time and energy. Experiment with layout with just a click of the mouse.
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