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  • Teaching Preschool or Daycare: Planning For Success
    Smart planning is a key to a successful school year even in the preschool and daycare years. Carefully chosen activities and efficient classroom setup support achievement. Use this guide to find information to make this year with your students a social and academic learning success.
  • Gross Motor Skills: A Preschool & Toddler Guide
    Get your students up and moving with fun creative activites that will build their gross motor skills. Learn how to get your students using their large muscles by encouraging them to run, jump and play. Discover fun ideas to get your preschoolers up and going.
  • Let's Explore! A Guide to Preschool Center Time
    Are you looking for ideas for setting up centers in your preschool classroom? Whether for dramatic play, art, writing, listening or reading, this guide will offer you suggestions for providing your students tactile and fun experiences in a variety of curriculum areas.
  • A Guide to Preschool Reading Activities
    Reading? In preschool? Yes! There are many different types of activities you can plan for a preschool classroom that will prepare children for learning the mechanics of reading and phonics. These reading activities will give them the foundation necessary to become independent readers.
  • Tried and True Tips for a Successful Preschool Year
    Whether it's your first time as a preschool teacher or you are an experienced veteran, you can always use a little inspiration. Tips and suggestions from your peers can turn a dull day to a fun day at preschool. Learn how to start the year off right.
  • Preschool Snacks & Recipes Keep Kids Pleased
    Keep kids going with a healthy snack! Here you'll find a collection of easy recipes to use in your preschool class. Not only that, you can teach math concepts, letters, creativity and life skills through creating and eating many different types of foods.
  • Your A to Z Guide on Teaching the Alphabet in Preschool
    Let's learn the alphabet! With this guide, it's easy. Compiled here are lessons on letter recognition, sound identification, and letter formation - perfect for the preschool classroom.
  • Sleeping in School? Plan a Fun Pajama Party in the Classroom
    Young children can experience bedtime fun in the classroom by participating in preschool pajama party activities. Teachers can provide a cozy atmosphere that includes sleeping bags and blankets, favorite storybooks, milk and cookies, and stuffed animal friends. Pajamas aren't just for nighttime!
  • Teaching Young Students Writing and Pre-Writing: A Guide for Preschool Teachers
    Are you looking for some fresh and fun ideas for your preschool class? Are you thinking of setting up a writing center but are unsure of where to begin? This collection of articles will give you the information you need to create a stellar writing curriculum.
  • Preschool Lesson Plans to Last Throughout the Christmas Season
    This guide to Christmas activities and lessons for the preschool classroom offers the best that Bright Hub Education has to offer. Find fun arts and crafts along with ways to incorporate the spirit and symbols of Christmas into your core curriculum areas.
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