A Fun Royalty Theme For Preschool Kids

Forms of Royalty

Many preschoolers love pretending that they are a princess or king. Try this royalty theme for preschool kids and the children will have tons of fun while learning. To get more children eager to participate, explain to them that there are many positions and people that make up a kingdom or castle. Start the day with story time to get their minds working and to open up their minds to new ideas. "Tea For Ruby" by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York is a great story to start the royal theme for preschool kids off. There are also many nursery rhymes to read like "Humpty Dumpty" and "Sing A Song Of Sixpence" that will also open the doors to new ideas.


Cut crowns or tiaras out of thick construction paper. Measure them to fit around each child’s head. Staple or glue both ends of the crown together, so it will fit snug on the child’s head. Have the children decorate their crowns with glitter, jewels, and sparkles. They can wear them throughout the day if they would like. Many arts and craft stores have pre made crowns that just need decorating, if you prefer to take that route. Art should be one of the first things the children do in a royalty theme for preschool kids, so they can have their crown’s throughout the day.

Sand Castle Discovery

During outside time at the sand box or inside at the water and sand table, have the children pack damp sand into pails and tip them over to make sand castles. This is a great science activity for preschoolers. Also explain how the sand absorbs the water, making it easier to mold the sand and when the sand dries the castle will start coming apart. Leave the castle on display for the children to watch throughout the day.

Tea Time Dramatic Play

Have the children have a tea party with a mini tea set. They will get a kick out of it if there is actually a drinkable liquid in the tea pot for them to pour out. This is a great exercise for their fine motor skills. You can also provide crackers for the tea party, making it seem more realistic. Have one of the children be the server, if they prefer to play that way. Their imaginations will start going wild and soon everyone will have a job. This is sure to be a fun event.

Math for Royalty

Remind the children of the rhyme "Sing A Song of Sixpence", and then give the children several different types of coins like pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Have the children sort them and count them. Tell the children they are being like the king counting out his money in the rhyme.


For an activity to do for language in the royalty theme for preschool, have the children try to pick out the rhyming words in the two rhymes that they heard earlier. They will need to hear the rhymes again, make sure to read them slowly. It will also help if you can write the rhymes out, so the children can see the words. Make sure to tell them that words that rhyme are different in the beginning, but sound similar at the end. Give examples. You will be surprised at how quickly the children can pick out rhyming words when they see them in writing compared to when they only listen for them.