Make a Preschool Construction Zone Bulletin Board

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Build Your Own Board

If you’re planning a construction unit in your preschool classroom, why not plan a preschool construction bulletin board to go along with it? Young children are amazed by construction vehicles, so this is a very popular thematic unit idea. This bulletin board looks like a busy construction site, but it’s really a showcase for student work. Most of the work involved in creating this board is done by the students. It is an easy way to show everyone who comes into your classroom what you’ve been doing in class.

Make a Muddy Background

A little edible finger painting project is a great way to get your bulletin board started. Simply finger paint with chocolate pudding on stiff paper. Go ahead and use premade pudding cups if you like. Students will most likely want to eat some of the pudding as they work, and that’s part of the fun. Then have students sprinkle some crushed chocolate cookies on the wet paintings. Let the paintings dry completely, and then use them as the background for your bulletin board. These finger paintings make a perfect dirt background for a construction site!

If you need to avoid sugary treats in the classroom, use sugar-free pudding and low-sugar chocolate graham crackers. You can also sprinkle cocoa powder onto the wet paintings for a similar effect. Also, be aware that some children have food allergies. Before allowing any food consumption in the classroom, double check to make sure that no students have milk, soy, corn, wheat, or chocolate sensitivities. Parents of these children may be able to suggest alternative products to use that are safe for the child.

Construction Zone

Use a yellow construction paper border, or you can staple some plastic construction tape around the perimeter of the bulletin board, which can be found in most hardware and building stores. Label your bulletin board “Preschool Construction Zone” using bright yellow or orange letters. Attach several plastic yellow toy hard hats on the corners of the board. Using coloring pages available online, have students color or paint pictures of different construction vehicles, like dump trucks, cranes, or bulldozers. Click here for free printable pictures. Cut out the construction vehicles, and place randomly on the bulletin board, as if they are working. Hot glue Popsicle sticks on the construction site to resemble the building materials. You could arrange them to look like the frame of a building if you like. Also, place some in the back of the dump trucks and on the crane lift.

When you are finished, the bulletin board will look like a bustling construction site, complete with dirt, mud, and construction trucks. The best part about this bulletin board idea is that you’ll be displaying your students' work. Your students are sure to adore this preschool construction bulletin board. So put on your hard hat, and get started planning your construction thematic unit and bulletin board to match.


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