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  • Know Your Students: Getting to Know You Activities for Homeroom
    Try these getting to know you activities on the first day of school or halfway through the year. It’s never too late to learn more about the people in your classroom. Middle school and high school students will enjoy breaking the ice with these fun activities.
  • Teaching Students From Multicultural Backgrounds Effectively
    How do teachers meet the needs of students with different learning styles and multicultural backgrounds? By considering some basic guidelines, we can create classrooms that are more equitable. Doing so will serve to close the achievement gap.
  • What's Cookin'? Teach Middle School Students About Nutrition and Food Prep
    This interactive activity "Make Your Own Recipe" article is meant for junior high or middle school children. I've used a simple and fun game show-like format that will keep the children engaged and help them learn about cooking methods and food groups.
  • Lesson Ideas: Teach Students How to Take Notes
    Improve student achievement by sharing these secrets about taking notes in class. These tips will benefit you and those you teach as part of an introduction to a multiple part series on taking notes in the classroom.
  • Creative Lesson Strategies for Teaching Middle School
    Being creative means taking state indicators and standards and teaching them in new and innovative ways. It means looking at teaching core concepts in new ways by using interesting strategies.
  • Teaching Mental Math: Ideas and Activities
    Are you looking for a great way to help students internalize math concepts? Teaching mental math is just the thing! Find out why mental math is so important and discover how to motivate students to improve math skills using mental math ideas and activities.
  • Two PE Ideas for Middle School
    Thinking a bit outside of the box when getting middle school students to participate in PE. These two activities will hold the students interest and inspire them to perform.
  • Career Lesson Plans
    A career exploration field trip is a great addition to career lesson plans. It will allow students to see the possible careers in their town or city.
  • Recommended Book Series for Middle School Boys
    Oftentimes teachers, librarians and parents are frustrated by the fact that so many boys seem reluctant to read. Part of this may be the fact that so often the books that are assigned or chosen for classroom reading are titles that have more appeal to girls.
  • Career Planning Lesson for Guidance Counselors
    Guidance counselors work with students at an academic and social level. The academic focus of a guidance counselor's job is educational support, career advice and orientation for students. This lesson plan focuses on career planning for students.
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