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  • How to Deal With Negative Body Image in Middle School Students
    Middle school students are often highly susceptible to having a negative body image due to the many physical and psychological changes they are going through. Here are some ways you as their teacher can help.
  • Wants vs. Needs: A Lesson Plan for Teachers
    This lesson plan for teachers on wants and needs provides a series of activities to help students learn the difference between basic needs for humans vs. wants. The activities can be modified for a variety of ages and skill levels.
  • Transform Your Classroom to Look Like India!
    For history and social studies teachers, you can make your classroom look and feel like you're sitting right in India! Not only will your middle school students enjoy the look, they will want to learn more about this country in the Far East!
  • Types of Graphic Organizers to Teach Vocabulary
    Do you need some new ideas to help students to develop and improve their vocabulary skills? Try one of these graphic organizers.
  • Lesson Plans on Poetry: Engage Reluctant Students
    Lessons plans for poetry can sometimes fall flat with reluctant students. They cannot relate to the old language in some poems and think all poetry is difficult. Try these activities to engage all types of students by having a party and sharing some great music.
  • Using Poetry to Teach Across Subject Areas
    Teaching poetry can enhance learning in many subject areas. For instance, from a science lesson on marine life the teacher could scaffold to poetry written about the ocean. Students develop writing skills, as well as enhance subject matter knowledge.
  • How Do You Know if Your Students Are Ready to Learn?
    Are your students ready to learn the curriculum that you need to teach so that they can pass the state achievement test? Try some of these tips to figure out your students' learning readiness and learn some new tips for giving pre-tests.
  • Rejuvenate Your Teaching Unit on Presidents with These Three Ideas
    Lose the face-buried-in-the-paper oral reports and dull posters or slide shows with these teacher ideas for president presentations. Try having tea with the president or holding a press conference.
  • Bullying in Middle School
    Bullying in middle school is a large problem. "For every 25 middle school kids, an average of 2 kids are harassed daily and another 2 to 3 are bullied weekly" and "almost 9 out of 10 kids say they've seen someone being bullied," reports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
  • Middle School Lesson Plan on Filling Out Job Applications
    It is never too early to begin training middle school students for tasks that they will inevitably have to face as they become young adults in the working world. The following lesson plan gives ideas to middle school students to successfully fill in a job application.
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