Middle School Teaching Strategies

Teachers of middle school students are working with a wide variety of students and typically, a wide variety of disruptions, as students try and adjust, with various degrees of success, to all the comings and goings of a typical sixth, seventh or eighth grade classroom.

Lesson plans need to be flexible and engage and capture students’ attention, and then recapture it, and then recapture it again, and often have to reteach and reinforce in progressive building blocks to ensure mastery of a subject. And it doesn’t hurt if the curriculum incorporates common and popular themes of the moment such as Twilight, Hunger Games and other books, movies and entertainment. With some creativity, determination, and, a good dose of humor, teaching middle school can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

The lesson plans and teaching ideas at Bright Hub Education are written and vetted by experienced teachers who have faced sixth, seventh and eighth grade classrooms, taught the lesson plans they describe, and lived to tell the tale. They pass on their tips and their strategies to you.

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