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  • Bring Your Own Technology to School: Pros and Cons
    The workplace in the 21st century is fully digital and internationally integrated. Our educational system must be, too. No longer do we ask should technology replace traditional pens, papers and textbooks. We need to decide how.
  • Digital Citizenship: A Necessary Subject in Today's Classrooms
    No education today would be complete without teaching digital etiquette and internet safety. From appropriate behavior on social media, to crafting secure passwords, learn how important it is for students to become good digital citizens.
  • How to Flip Your Classroom
    The concept is a little different from flipping a house, but the end result is similar. Flipping your classroom can make learning in the classroom more valuable and increase student engagement. Find out how to get started.
  • III. Beyond Reward and Punishment
    We know that reward and punishment works and there is nothing wrong with using it to a point. However, at some point we need students to start behaving well even without a physical reward. Learn how to transition from physical rewards to intrinsic rewards.
  • “I Wanna Go Fast!” Increasing Student Engagement…Ricky Bobby Style
    If you are familiar with the movie Talladega Nights then you remember the mantra of Ricky Bobby who had one focus - “I wanna go fast.” Boredom is the enemy of learning. If teachers work on increasing their past, increased student engagement will follow.
  • What Collaboration Looks Like in My Classroom
    Collaboration is simply the art of students working together to solve problems and come up with solutions they would have never though of on their own (or maybe even ones their teacher may have never thought of!) Get some ideas on making collaboration work in your classroom.
  • Stop the Madness! The Lazy Teacher's Guide to High Yield Learning
    In this article, you’ll learn how to save time and energy but cutting things out that don’t need to be there! Too many teachers get burned out and end up leaving the profession when spending hours preparing their lessons. However, sometimes you have to go with the method that reaps the most results.
  • Why Every Teacher Should be on Pinterest
    Although everyone loves a good cupcake recipe, Pinterest can be used for so much more than that. Teachers should be aware of the great resource Pinterest can be for lesson planning, teaching tips and inspiration. Get tips on using the platform effectively.
  • Louder and Slower is NOT Different: Getting Differentiated Instruction to Work
    Differentiated instruction is a buzzword that won’t be going away anytime soon. As an instructor it is one of the best things you can do to make learning gains in the classroom, as well as to help manage behaviors. However, not all methods of "differentiated" instruction are effective.
  • Explaining Common Core Math in Simple Terms
    Are you ready to implement the Common Core math standards in your classroom? Although content has not changed greatly, methods of teaching have. Learn more about the foundational eight math practices.
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