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  • How Student Blogging Improves Reading Comprehension
    Blogging gives each student a chance to share their voice with an authentic audience in the context of learning and reading.
  • Overcoming the Struggles of Student Engagement
    Students' short attention spans are often exacerbated by lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and digital distractions. Here are some methods to keep students on track, including a list of fun products that may help students be more engaged in learning.
  • Peer Tutoring: Why it Works
    There have been many approaches to learning over the years among schools and educational settings in an attempt to get kids to learn faster and more efficiently. Peer tutoring is one of the most talked-about methods of learning that is still often used in schools today.
  • Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs in K-12
    There is a heavy interest in entrepreneurship today not only in the national realms of business and politics, but in all levels of education as well. How do you encourage entrepreneurship in your kids?
  • Can Using the Singapore Math Method Equal Success in Math?
    What is Singapore doing in their math classrooms that has resulted in so much success? Take a look and see how Singapore math methods could help your students.
  • 5 Ways Common Core Impacts Reading Standards
    The Common Core is a set of English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics standards developed in an effort to make educational standards across the U.S. more consistent, while better preparing students for success in college or their careers. Learn how these standards will impact your school.
  • Totally Different Things US Education Can Learn from South Korea and Finland
    The U.S. education system ranks in the middle of the international pack: number 14 in the 2014 Pearson index, and in the 2012 PISA exams, American 15-year-olds placed 36th in math, 28th in science and 24th in reading. To make the top tier, we need to see what the rest of the planet is doing better.
  • Get Organized to Start the School Year Off Right
    It's back to school time already! If you're a teacher, you may need some creative help and ideas for bulletin boards. seating charts and first day activities. Try some of these organizational tips and ideas to get the year started off right!
  • 7 Ways to Provide Choice in the Classroom
    Giving your students autonomy will help increase enthusiasm and energy in the classroom and will help them develop the skills they need to work in teams and evaluate choices. These skills are critical for students. Help your students improve by allowing them to make choices in the classroom.
  • Go Wireless & Inspire: How to Adopt Digital Learning in Your Classroom
    Everyone loves technology, but learning how to manage it in the classroom is challenging. The benefits of using technology far outweigh the costs of trying to regulate your technology-free classroom. Empower your students with diverse teaching methods while utilizing wireless technology.
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