Tips & Strategies for Teaching the Gifted Student   (page: 4 of 9)

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  • Find Out What Areas Interest Your Gifted Students
    If you’re trying to help your GT students build on their strengths, you can hand out this interest sheet. Talented and gifted students can fill out this interest sheet to find out exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Tips to Capturing the Interest of Your Gifted Students
    Many gifted students feel bored in class. How can you ensure that your students are being challenged sufficiently? Find some ideas of keeping the interest of your advanced students.
  • Nature vs. Nurture: Which Causes Giftedness?
    The question of nature vs. nurture in giftedness has long stumped intelligence theorists. The controversy has evolved over the last couple of centuries, and we have finally come to uncomfortable answer: it's a mixture of both.
  • Reading Projects for Gifted and Talented Students
    If you teach reading to high-achieving students, you’ve probably considered giving them gifted and talented projects in reading class. These projects can help students connect more intimately with what they’ve read, and enable them to share the ideas from the books with others in original ways.
  • Classroom Ideas for Gifted Students: Teaching Creativity
    Creativity is an important aspect of learning, especially for gifted students. Teaching creativity in the classroom for the gifted doesn’t need to be difficult. Read on for some suggestions about how to incorporate creative activities into various subjects.
  • The Debate About Teaching Gifted Students
    The philosophy of gifted education requires a precise definition of giftedness. Depending on the philosophy adapted, students must be screened for giftedness, assessed appropriately, and taught using specific strategies.
  • Special Education Teaching Tips For Gifted Children
    Special education teaching for gifted children requires a different approach. Part of this is identifying who is gifted and being aware of what their specific gifts are.The teacher can also focus on adjusting the curriculum to fit the students' individual areas of giftedness.
  • How to Know When A Student Is Gifted
    Do you have a special child in your class, a student who might be gifted, but you are not certain? Learn about signs for giftedness to help with identifying gifted students as early as possible.
  • Characteristics of Gifted Children with Learning Disabilities
    Not all gifted children can demonstrate high academic performance. This is because these special children have learning disabilities. How can a teacher identify them? Keep reading to learn more....
  • Teaching Shakespeare for Gifted Students: 3 Ideas
    Shakespeare and gifted students fit together like a glove. Students enjoy exploring the suspense, romance, mystery, fantasy and action found in Shakespeare's work. Providing them with challenging and creative means to learn will enhance learning, as well as allow gifted students to develop skills.
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