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  • Tips for Service Learning Projects for Gifted Students
    Service learning projects are perfect for gifted and talented classrooms. Once gifted students have set their goals and chosen a project, they are ready to begin. Here are some tips for helping students stay on track and getting the most out of their service learning projects.
  • Classroom Behavior Management for Gifted and Talented Programs
    In gifted and talented programs, classroom behavior management is often difficult because students may be pursuing different projects, discussing ideas with each other, and leaving the classroom for different activities. Good classroom behavior management is possible with these ideas.
  • Teacher Tips: Helpful Websites for Gifted Students
    Teachers of gifted students always find it difficult to have a reliable source of information while preparing lessons for them. Read on to find a host of useful websites that can help.
  • Six Great Internet Resources For Your Gifted or Talented Child
    Educating students who are gifted and talented can be challenging. Read this article to learn about exciting websites that can be used in the classroom and at home. The best websites for gifted and talented education are offered below.
  • The Social and Emotional Health of Gifted Students
    While the intellectual potential of a gifted student may be readily apparent, the social and emotional lives of gifted children can reveal some problems. Students can appear happy on the outside, when on the inside they are suffering in and out of the classroom.
  • Reading Strategies for Exceptional Learners
    Exceptional learners often need different teaching strategies than mainstream students. Reading strategies are successful when they allow you to evaluate each student's ability to assimilate new information.
  • Accelerating Gifted Students in the Classroom
    The acceleration of gifted students is supposed to be done to the benefit of the child. Learn about some of the ways to accelerate a gifted student and the details to consider before making that choice.
  • Encourage Critical Thinking in Gifted Students
    Educators may strive to teach a lesson plan & encourage independent critical thinking; however, gifted students need the ability to be objective, open minded, and honest. They will also need to learn how to analyze a situation or data, along with recognizing bias. These skills don't come naturally.
  • Should Gifted Students Take Advanced Placement Classes in High School?
    Advanced placement classes are often thought of as a necessity for college-bound students. However, they are also used as a means for teaching gifted and talented learners.
  • The Disadvantage of Neglecting Gifted Education in America
    Neglecting gifted education in the twenty-first century is not an option. Gifted students must be given the same caliber of education as other students. This is called inclusion. Here we will discuss how to provide the highest possible support for gifted students, even when their numbers are few.
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