Tips & Strategies for Teaching the Gifted Student   (page: 2 of 9)

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  • How to Get Gifted Students Ready for College Life
    Many people assume that gifted and exceptional students will find college easy. The reality is different. These special students also face numerous challenges that if not adequately prepared by teachers, gifted students would face insurmountable frustrations and would drop out of school.
  • Gifted Students and Reading Instruction: What's the Best Strategy?
    Teaching students who are reading at a level beyond their chronological age is a challenge, especially with young children. Choosing content for reading instruction and class activities requires care and preparation. Read on for some tips on reading instruction for gifted students.
  • Unraveling Giftedness: The Six Areas of Giftedness and Talents
    Do you suspect that your child or student is gifted or talented? There are six areas that you can look into to determine giftedness and/or talent.
  • Social Factors That Make Gifted Students Fall Behind
    Why do gifted students fall behind and eventually quit school? Several studies have shown that there are social factors that compel gifted and exceptional students to perform poorly in school and subsequently to drop-out of school.
  • A Survival Guide for Gifted Students and Their Teachers
    How can we aim for teaching gifted students? With all of their questions and interests in learning, we may be faced with challenges, both from the student and teacher's perspective. Following this guide for teaching gifted students, will help to encourage constant learning and great success.
  • Tapping into Artistic Talent: Lessons for Gifted Students
    Enthusiasm is important when working with students, especially students learning above grade level. Art lesson plans for gifted students, therefore, must tap their passion. As Van Gogh once wrote, " must never let the fire go out in one's soul, but keep it burning."
  • Activities and Strategies for the Academically Gifted
    Gifted students just like any other special education students need an education that is individualized and goal oriented and it is important that gifted students reach their maximum potential instead of acting like "tutors" in a classroom.
  • Great Language Arts Projects for Advanced Learners
    Language arts projects for gifted students must capture their imagination as well as spur them on to look beyond the obvious. Mastering critical literacy skills gives advanced learners a tool they will use throughout their life.
  • The Perfect Activities for Young Gifted Students
    Sometimes a teacher can feel overwhelmed with keeping students engaged and excited about learning. After all, gifted students have so much to offer, so typical classroom activities may fall flat.
  • Identifying and Assessing the Gifted Student
    Giftedness can be very difficult to define and evaluate. Many school districts are mandated to identify their gifted students using a two tiered approach and answer the questions is this child gifted, and do they display a need for gifted support?
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