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  • Map Skills Guide for Elementary School Classrooms
    Teach your students map skills with easy lessons and activities. Students will learn about cardinal directions, how to read and create a map, how to use a compass rose and much more.
  • Bulletin Boards Abound! Colorful Teaching Made Easy
    Learn how to create bulletin boards that will energize and motivate your students. Here you will find a collection of great bulletin board ideas that might transform your thinking and enable you to uncover strategies for using one or more of the ideas as an effective teaching tool.
  • Bundle Up! Resources About Winter For the Elementary School Teacher
    Take advantage of the excitement of the winter season and learn about the cold winter months with fun activities that will get your students warmed up to learning. No need to hibernate! Explore the winter season with this exceptional guide.
  • It's Rhyme Time! 3 Dozen Lessons in Rhyme
    Lesson plans designed to teach rhyme are the subject of this educational guide. Teachers at all levels will find ideas they can easily incorporate into their own classroom setting.
  • Collection of 50-Plus Ideas for Building a Pre-K Curriculum
    For many children, a pre-kindergarten program is their introduction to formal schooling. These young students have special educational and developmental needs that a strong pre-K program can meet. Learn more about creating an appropriate curriculum and daily lesson plans for pre-K students here.
  • It All Adds Up! Elementary Math Lessons and Ideas for the Classroom
    Do your students groan at the thought of math? Try some of these lessons and activities that maximize student interaction through teacher modeling, guided practice, peer collaboration, technology and independent practice. Your students will be math whizzes in no time!
  • Lesson Plans: Themes For Holidays Throughout the Year
    Students enjoy observing holidays, which is reason enough to use themed lesson plans as a means to convey information on various subject matter. From math to science, holiday themes are effective in teaching students important facts while making learning fun.
  • Keeping Kindergartners Running Smoothly: Prekindergarten Classroom Management
    Keeping a classroom full of excitable prekindergarten students running smoothly may seem like a Herculean task. Having a strong curriculum, a good daily plan and a sensible list of classroom rules can help. Listed below are some ideas for basic classroom management.
  • Roald Dahl: Titles and Teaching Resources
    Students of all ages will find these books by Roald Dahl fun and easy to read! Use this list of Roald Dahl books for children and the suggested teaching resources to enhance your next literature unit or read-aloud.
  • Use Touch Math to Help Students Struggling With Addition
    If students in your classroom are having trouble understanding addition, one method that works for young students is TouchMath®. Students usually understand Touch Math easily for addition, and it can help them transition into learning subtraction. There are free worksheets available also.
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